Destiny 2 debuts new raid and dungeon rotations in Season 17

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Destiny 2 debuts new raid and dungeon rotations in Season 17

Bungie has good news for those waiting for changes in Destiny2 raiding. Today’s TWAB featured details about a significant change in weekly and seasonal raid activities. It also explains the Pinnacle rewards.

Let’s get to it. Bungie begins by stating that they have heard from the community the desire to be able to return to previously released raid and dungeon content. (There is more than the Vault Of Glass, all of you), this prompted the creation of the changes for Season 17. We already have a few clues and glimpses about what we can expect from the new Rotator system. It is divided into Seasonal, Weekly, and Independent categories.

The Destiny2 raid rotation in the Seasonal Category, the newly released raid and dungeon will “grant Pinnacle rewards to all encounters,” as well as Vow of the Dictate and an upcoming Season 17 dungeon. Bungie says that there will be a raid and two dungeon rotators. Each offers a “pinnacle reward” once they are completed.

The weekly rotation may include “all raids or dungeons that are not included in the Seasonal rotation,” which can be exciting. A Weekly Challenge pinnacle drop will be awarded to those who complete the final encounter in the selected raids or dungeons. You can also go on raids or dungeons with more incredible difficulty, such as Master Vault of Glass.

The developer mentioned that all lockouts on Legendary gear encounter rewards are being removed to encourage farming.

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