You have one more reason to hunt old relic weapons in FFXIV now

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You have one more reason to hunt old relic weapons in FFXIV now.

The “Adventurer Plates”, introduced in patch 6.1, are a surprising hit with players. They shouldn’t, but they should. You should not, considering how obsessed we are with Glamour — the system of making our characters cute, cute, or just plain funny. Fashion is the ultimate Final Fantasy ending game. Adventurer plates allow us to showcase our outfits in new and improved ways. This is not limited to clothes. The new “business cards” that players can personalise for other players reflect everything, from character expressions to snide remarks and preferred playtimes. Relic Weapons are a small detail that gives new meaning to FFXIV content.

It turns out that Adventurer Plates aren’t just still images. Not in all. Players quickly realise that the glowy bits of your glowy gear continue animating even when your character freezes. Although this is not a significant factor in the overall plate, it is an important one considering how much work goes into getting these items. These colourful, sparkly weapons are not something you can pick up from a Primal corpse. These weapons are often bought or crafted using tokens that can only be obtained through challenging content. Relic Weapons are the most impressive of all. These tools require a long quest to acquire and can be extremely difficult.

I don’t own that many. Even after spending thousands of hours playing FFXIV in 2013, I still don’t have that many. They’re not necessarily hard to obtain. They are a tedious chore. Each of them requires you to complete many objects, requiring you to farm thousands of materials from different parts of the game. Some of these can be completed only once, while others must be re-done for each weapon. It is worth the effort. Even if it’s only visual, take a look at this beautiful Dark Knight sword.

This weapon is not even among the more advanced versions. Its blue, swirling aura gives the other players and me and met badge of honour. They might also know the horrors I went through to obtain it. They might see a large, shiny object and wonder, “How can I walk through hell in order to get my own?” It’s undoubtedly aspirational. You can see it from afar and recognise that there is a way to join a small group of players who can know what to do and have the patience to do it.

These weapons would still look great without visual effects. Absolutely. It would be the same. It doesn’t seem so. Adventurer Plates is the best option. These virtual rectangles are designed to be proudly displayed. No matter if you are displaying your /goose skills or the price of your in-game outfit. It wouldn’t be good to brag about our most difficult wins.

This gives us a new reason to hunt Relic Weapons. The flashy nature of the items will increase if there are more opportunities to display them. That’s what I think! It’s not worth it to continue completing old quests, meeting new characters and having fun. The most potent equipment once found in the game is now obsolete and not notable for its unique beauty. I want to make it through Eureka and the Anima quests. This gives me just a little more motivation to do it.

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