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80 Days apk is a game based on the classic novel "Around the World in Eighty Days". Players need to go through all kinds of tests and travel around the earth in 80 days. The grandeur of the scene and the variety of choices make the game quite challenging and enjoyable. Here the players play the leading role and start their own adventure trip.
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Aug 13, 2019
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1872 with a steampunk twist. Phileas Fogg believes he can circumnavigate all of the planets in eighty days.
You can choose your route to travel around a 3D globe by steam-train, airship, submarine or mechanical camel.

The book features stunning artwork by Jaume Illustration, Meg Jayanth’s half-million-word script, and Laurence Chapman’s original music. It was built with the same inklewriter engine as our critically-acclaimed Sorcery! Series 80 Days is an interactive adventure that you can create by making your own choices and it is always different each time you play.

You will play the role of Phileas Fogg’s faithful valet, Passepartout. As you travel from one city to another, you have to balance your master’s finances, your health, and your time. You can bribe your way to early departures but you must not go bankrupt or you will be living in poverty and asking for help. You can trade items for profit or collect the equipment you need for the conditions you will face. But too much luggage may slow you down…

80 DAYS is an intense race that takes place at breakneck speed with an in-game clock that never stops. Minute by minute, trains, steamers and hot-air balloons, as well as boats, camels and horses, leave and arrive.

Each city and every journey are told through an interactive story that you can control. Your choices will either speed you up or cause you to fall into trouble. Do you have the ability to earn Fogg’s respect and trust? Do you have the skills and knowledge to find out the shortcuts that will save you days? There’s murder, romance, rebellion, and intrigue waiting for you!

You can connect to the network and see the live feed of other players. This shows you their positions, victories, and disasters. You can race to become the fastest or you can look ahead to discover the secrets of the world.

You can share your journey with your friends and load other routes into your app to race head-tohead.

* “We have been dreaming of this future for decades. It’s here! It’s here.” New York Times

* “This interactive novel is a brilliant retelling of Phileas Fogg’s trip around the globe… A masterpiece in branching narrative… The Telegraph

* “For those who love high adventure and good writing, 80 days is a journey that must be taken.” – The Verge

* IndieGames.com: “An incredibly paced, memorable, and quite frankly fantastic piece of interactive fiction that masterfully blends strategy management, resource management, and adventure.”

* “This is modern storytelling that engages. The bold, stylish art gives 80 Days almost the feel of a graphic novel. Pack your case, armchair Passepartout – adventure awaits!” – Joystiq

Explore 150 cities. Millions of trips. In 1872, there were tensions, inventions, and exploration. This was a combination of detailed research and techno-fantasy. You can climb the Burmese mountains, trek through the Zulu Federation and sail up the Amazon to disappear under the Indian Ocean. But don’t let the time pass you by!


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