Alien: Blackout APK + OBB


Alien: Blackout apk is a survival horror game, players will be trapped in the failed space station, there will be a very fierce alien to chase you and the crew, players rely on limited holographic maps, monitoring The lens and dynamic tracking device ensure the members are away from the alien.
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Mar 20, 2019
4.3 and up

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Alien: Blackout brings to life the terror of Alien. As the Xenomorph relentlessly hunts your crew and you, it is keeping you alive aboard a Weyland-Yutani spacestation. You must make difficult decisions to outwit the perfect hunter. The space station’s damaged controls must be used by players or they will have to sacrifice crew members in order to avoid death and permanently alter the outcome.
You can survive seven levels of fear by remotely leading Amanda Ripley’s team through increasingly difficult tasks using the station’s emergency system. Amanda and the station can be defeated by the unpredictability and uncertainty of the alien and her crew.

Alien: Blackout, a premium horror mobile game that induces fear in horror lovers and Alien alike, is where your life could end immediately.

Key Features:

SURVIVE or Die – Use the limited power supply of the space station to operate a motion tracker, surveillance cameras and holographic maps to hide your crew from the perfect hunters in seven fear-inducing levels.

A NEW CHAPTER IN ALIEN FRANCHISE – A new chapter in Alien franchise after the saga Amanda Ripley (Elizabeth Ripley’s child), between Alien and Aliens.

FIRST CLASS ALIEN MOBILE XPERIENCE – A captivating and immersive Alien experience that is perfectly suited for mobile gaming.

ENCOUNTER FEAR AGAIN and AGAIN – Each decision can lead you to a different conclusion. To win, players can try different strategies and theories.


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