ATOM RPG – port to mobile platforms is a very exciting role-playing game that tells about the life of the post-Soviet space after the global nuclear war took place in 1986. The main character, who was born and raised in a safe haven, by the will of fate one day goes in search of an important person who disappeared during a long-distance exploration.
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Nov 2, 2021
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1986 saw the end of the world war between Soviet Union and Western Bloc with mutual nuclear bombings. Both superpowers were destroyed. The fallout nearly ended civilisation as we know. You are one of those who survived the apocalypse. Your mission is to discover the postnuclear wild world of the Soviet Wasteland. To be a part of this new age. To explore retro-style bunkers.

– This character creation tool is robust and can be used to create the hero of the wasteland you desire to portray.
– An offline, balanced single-player roleplaying game. Each stat combination offers a unique RPG experience with unique dialogues and new ways of solving some quests.
– There are dozens of skills that range from lockpicking and gambling to choose from
-You can play for hours in many different locations. You will meet other survivors in the brave new settlement that was built from the ruins of the previous world. Explore the wilds where mutants lurk and bandits are waiting. Find out the secrets of an abandoned military bunker. Fishing at scenic ponds is another option.
– Turn-based combat inspired by the classic RPGs from the nineties. Develop the strategies that will win by identifying your strategy.
– Random encounters between the Soviet Wasteland dwellers – both friendly as well as dangerous Sometimes, all at once.
– Deep, multi-choice conversations that feel like real conversations with NPCs;
– Nonlinear gameplay! There are many quests in this game edition, some with alternate solutions. You can play the game as you like!

Technical Support: Contact the developers at [email protected]


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