Baldis Basics Classic APK + Mod


Your purpose in this game is to escape the school, and the purpose of Teacher Buddy is to help you escape from the school, but because of the control, it can only chase and kill you, and the roar of Teacher Buddy before the vision turns red at the end is "You did all the wrong questions. , now all you have to do is - run out while you can...
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Dec 16, 2019
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This game isn’t what it seems…
Baldi’s Basics is an odd meta-horror video game that was inspired by bad edutainment videos from the 90s. It’s a game where you must collect seven notebooks to escape school. But that’s not easy. To be able to devise a winning strategy, you’ll need to know all about the game and not get caught by Baldi. You will be successful if you know how to use Baldi’s friends to your advantage and how to manage the items around the school.

There are two modes to this game: story and endless!

* Story mode requires that you collect 7 notebooks in order to escape the school and win. Baldi will speed up the more notebooks that you order. It’s simple, but it can be very difficult.

* Endless mode allows you to collect as many notebooks as possible before Baldi catches you. Baldi will slow down over time, but if you solve all the problems in your notebooks, he will slow down. You can accumulate more notebooks if you can slow down Baldi’s speed.

This official port includes touch screen controls and controller support. These features can be adjusted using the options menu.


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