Block Fortress APK + OBB

Block Fortress is a sandboxed tower defense game. The inspiration from Minecraft, in the game the player can be completely in accordance with the wishes of the people to build your own defense fortress, from the towering fortress to the magnificent castle, a seat of the turret only in the bombs to complete.
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7 Aug 2019
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Your fortress should be built and defended to the last!
Block Fortress allows you to build a stronghold almost in any way you want. Then, you are in the middle of the action as you defend it against the relentless Goblocks attacks! You will need to prove your abilities as a fighter and builder to survive!


* A unique combination of FPS and TD gameplay
* Complete freedom to build your base in any manner you like, from sprawling castles to towering fortresses
* Create your own blocks, weapons, or equipment with a huge crafting system
* Team up with friends to play 2-player cooperative multiplayer
* Fortify your walls using over 30 building blocks
* Protect your base with 16 advanced types of turrets
* equip your avatar with tons weapons and other equipment
* Many support blocks, including depth charges, depth charges and landmines, spotlights, teleporters, and other devices.
* Day and Night Cycle – Create lights and spotlights to prepare for the dark night ahead!
* There are several game modes to choose from, including a “free-build” sandbox and an intense survival mode
There are six types of terrain you can conquer
* Upload and share your creations and allow others to download them


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