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Diablo Immortal – this is an exclusive for mobile platforms, resulting from the joint work of Blizzard and NetEase Games. The game is a real gift for all fans of the most iconic role-playing game of the 2000s! The plot of this novelty takes place in the period between the second and third parts of Diablo. Scarn – the most powerful servant of the main antagonist led the army of evil and penetrated into Sanctuary. His goal is to collect the scattered parts of the stone of the universe and restore its integrity. You need to be the first to collect all the pieces, preventing the “Messenger of Horror” to realize their plans.
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Jun 29, 2022
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Blizzard Entertainment’s new mobile game Diablo Immortal ™ has just been released. This action-role-playing game series is a genre-defining title. It takes place between Diablo(r), II: Lord of Destruction (r) and Diablo III (r).

You can fight with demon armies, gather epic loot, and attain unimaginable power.

You can explore the dark realms of Sanctuary like never before. This massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) is a hugely multiplayer online game where demons and angels fight for control of the mortal realm. You will join other players in an epic quest to find the corrupted Worldstone fragments and stop the Lord of Terror from returning.

Diablo fans and new players will embark on new adventures in a vast open-world RPG.


You can customize your character and gear. Diablo Immortal allows you to be as flexible as you like in the vast MMORPG universe of Sanctuary.
You can choose from six iconic, customizable classes: Barbarian, Demon Hunters, Necromancers, Crusaders, Crusaders, Monks, Wizard, and more.
– Learn new skills with every successful encounter to be the most powerful player in the arena.
Get ready to equip yourself with legendary weapons and brand-new set items.
– Upgrade your favorite weapons to increase their power.


The Peerless MMORPG gaming environment delivers the best PC mechanics to your mobile device with intuitive, snappy controls.
Always feel in command. No matter if you are on a raid, or fighting demons in a solo fight.
– The directional controls make it simple to move heroes around the globe
Activating a skill can be as simple as putting your thumb down on the skill to aim and then releasing to unleash all of your fury on your foes.
Cross-platform and cross–save: Play online role-playing games with your mobile or PC


The war-torn Wortham, the beautiful city of Westmarch, and the shadows that lie in the Bilefen jungle are just a few of the many places where players can explore.
Your journey will take your through ever-changing landscapes and present you with new challenges.
Experience a rich Diablo story filled with bosses and quests that are unlike anything else in the series, as well as raids in huge, constantly changing dungeons.
Diablo Immortal offers something for everyone.


There will be many opportunities for players to socialize and meet other adventurers in Sanctuary. Diablo Immortal supports a rich MMORPG experience, whether it’s jumping into battle, raiding through the shadows in a dungeon or upgrading gear.

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