Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Energy, Unlocked All Levels) v34.2009


So you know that story where you play a boring normal student going about your boring normal day when suddenly, for no reason at all, the most popular girl on campus invites you to join the music club with five hot anime girls who all want to be your girlfriend?
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Jun 23, 2022
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You know the story: you are a boring student who goes about her day as usual. Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, the most famous girl on campus invites to join the music club with five anime girls who all want you to be their girlfriend.
That was a pleasant dream. You will need to navigate the waifu dating sim and find the right answer for the puzzles of anime dating.

Waifu Dating Sim is an anime dating game with a twist. It’s a dating app. Find your match by browsing photos. You can exchange flirty NSFW selfies and messages with your anime waifu, or vice versa, using our adult games dating simulator; this isn’t your old hentai or sexy anime games; this Eroblast!

Matching lust waifu girls is like a combination of NSFW adult visual novels and anime dating games. You can chat via direct messages with the girls. Once it’s time to pick up a conversation or ask a question about your passion, you can choose to send the following message and see the reactions.

It’s not easy to find anime dating games. You will first play puzzle games before you move on to the more sexy ones. Your score in anime games will determine how many options you have for your next NSFW message. But be aware that these are not hentai sexy anime dating games. They are filled with passion, fun, and love.

Our waifu anime dating game has more than 150 levels. With more than a dozen unique mechanics, you shouldn’t expect simple match-3 puzzles to be thrown on top of waifu girls. You won’t be able to unlock your anime dating game potential or discover the secrets of waifu sexually explicit love if you don’t adapt your adult gaming strategies to anime games.

There are many potential waifu anime girls to match in the waifu dating sim and adult games. These range from anime klutz to bishoujo adult women, from tough biker waifu, to cute moe girl (and secret hientai artist). Find your passion match, flirt, build a relationship, and grow old together. That last one isn’t in the game, but it might be in the sequel.

There is nothing in our anime dating and adult games that will stop you from having multiple waifu dates with Waifu, while also trying to match Waifu to make your waifu harem full of passion, lust, and hentai. But, you know… This is not a way to treat a Waifu. These are real anime dating games with puzzles.

You can be certain that Eroblast: Waifu Dating Simulation has hot single anime ladies in your area. Just solve the adult games and you’ll find them in the waifu dating games.

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Q: As a veteran of the VN Waifu, what can I expect in terms of salary?
A: Each route offers 30 options with multiple answers. These branches can be broken down into short branches that lead to between 5,000-10,000 words.
Q: How many are there waifus?
A: Our anime games dating sim had 24 romantic waifu women at the time of launch.
Q: What about CGs?
A: Five for each waifu currently.
Q: How many levels are there in the waifu puzzle games?
A: A: More than 150. Each one is hand-designed – there are no automated levels.


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