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You've already been through the zombie apocalypze in Goat Z and made friends with NPCs in the computed world of Goat MMO Simulator. What on earth is there ...
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Jul 30, 2021
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You’ve been through the zombie apocalypse in Goat Z, and you have made friends with NPCs from the computed Goat MMO Simulator. What are you left to do? It’s not much! This is why we travel to space and leave the earth behind!
You can be a space goat, and you can build a colony of people by headbutting them and taking their money. A goat knows the best way to spend money. You can build a Command bridge simulator, a space museum, or your own spaceship. Shoot down space pirates and asteroids, or travel to another planet.

No longer do you have to imagine colonizing space with a simulated goat. You can finally fulfill your dreams!

Included is a Valentine-themed level with love(ly?) goats.

The key features

* Be the first to go into space
* Crowdfunding a space colony to get others to pay for it.
* Fly and shoot in space, because nobody plays with spaceflight anymore
* There is endless space with planets to explore. But seriously, it would take forever so why bother?
* However, there is one planet nearby. You can visit that one
* Be a true bridge commander, just like the Spock-dude from Mars
* The largest map ever made for a goat simulator
* You will need to charge your phone a lot of times for so much content
* Unlock tons of goats with special powers. Create black holes, 3D-print stuff all over the world, and fly people with your mind.


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