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GTA Vice City Cheater – fans of fast android games for you entering and applying cheat codes. Use cheats on the go at any time, but do not abuse them as they can discourage all interest in the game.
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Apr 14, 2015
2.3 and up

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Please Note: This application is not official and can be used to cheat the GTA Vice City game. This game is not included.
The game’s keyboard opens and displays a list with available cheats. There is no need to use a keyboard; anyone can cheat.

Important: Some devices cannot process cheats, so the game will often close. You can request a refund via the play store if this happens more often than you like. This will minimize the possibility of this happening. To avoid it, you should use the cheats after saving a save.

1. Start the cheater app by pressing “Start Cheater.”
2. Start the game.
3. Press the “Cheat” button while playing the game.
4. Find the cheat that you are looking for.
5. It will appear on the screen.
6. After you’re done playing, close the cheater app and click “Stop Cheater”. This will remove the “Cheat” button.

Note: Certain combinations of cheats may cause the game’s to crash, e.g. Cheats such as using multiple weapons or spawning too many vehicles in one place can cause the game to close.


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