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Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course : Jelly Shift-Can you slide through? Everyone loves jelly! Jelly can flow or jelly can crash. Your mind is empty. Be formless shapeless like jelly! This casual platform game is fast and fun. Your goal is to get your jelly as far as possible. You can follow the instructions and move up or down as your jelly moves between obstacles under bars and across runners. All the stars will go to the smoothest, most slippery jelly!
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May 19, 2022
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Jelly Shift: Can you slide through?
Everybody loves jelly!

Jelly can flow and jelly can fall. Your mind is empty. Be formless, shapeless, like jelly! This casual platform game is fast-paced and extremely fun. Your goal is to get your jelly to the finish line of each obstacle course as quickly as possible. You can follow the instructions and shift up or down to get your jelly under bars and between runners as quickly and smoothly as possible. Only the most slippery, slinkiest and sliding jelly will win all the stars

Be like jelly!

Jelly has infinite possibilities! There are many levels to this game, with each level offering an obstacle course that you must navigate. Each level has unique twists, turns, barriers of different sizes and other super-sweet features.

Jelly is better than ever! You get great rewards when you collect diamonds and complete levels. This will unlock a variety of jelly characters including adorable animals, colorful heroes and absolute jelly legends.

Jelly is great, but jelly can be hot! If you can pass enough obstacles without falling, you will get jelly fever. This is a sudden burst in color and speed that will get you to the finish line in half the time.

Jelly’s irrepressible nature is unstoppable! If your jelly wants to survive, it will need to be able to adapt to the fast-moving game mechanics. To save your jelly’s jelly head from being crushed and broken by the F1 drivers, shift up and down to avoid it sliding between the runners.

Jelly is a great cook! Jelly Shift is a magical place with its beautiful colors, cheerful graphics, and fun music. You can escape the mundane and enter a world full of jelly joy!

Jelly is a happy place. Jelly Shift offers a variety of environments and 200 obstacles that will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy hours of jelly joy as you let the hours fly by!

Jelly is! Jelly doesn’t worry or stress; it simply moves on, adapting to every situation. Jelly can crash but it doesn’t stop. It bounces back and continues to slide. This casual game is a great way to learn how to be jelly!

Keep sliding!

You are looking for a game that has charm, excitement, character and chill fun? Jelly Shift combines all these elements in a unique, easy-to-use form. It has intuitive gameplay, a cute environment, and gentle challenges that will keep you growing and adapting. Jelly Shift is now available for free. Enjoy hours of fluid, flexible fun.


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