Knights of Pen & Paper +1 APK + Mod


Great XP system, classes, skills, character, achievement and item systems. Set out on a grand adventure in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-art RPG, inspired by the great titles of the 90's. This +1 edition features an extended campaign, more dungeons to explore, new attacks to use in combat, and the Tavern – a place to store your adventurers.
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Jul 11, 2018
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This is Role-Playing at its purest. — Kotaku-US
“An indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG.” Every single one of these adjectives is a favorite of mine. — IGN

“It’s smart, charming, customizable and almost infinitely replayable.” — 148 apps

This retro-style, pixel-art RPG is turn-based and retro-inspired by the great games of the ’90s. The +1 edition includes an extended campaign, more combat attacks, and the Tavern, a place for your adventurers.

In-game players can take on the roles as their characters in a pen and paper RPG session. This is the ultimate meta roleplaying experience. The players can pick which battles they want to fight as the dungeon master or the playing characters. You can put together a group of monsters for a challenging fight and get equally rewarded.

You can choose from several classes such as knights or mages. Then, you can pick the characters that will control them, such grandma, kid brother, or grandpa, and then take on tons of quests, monsters and items scattered throughout Knights of Pen & Paper +1 edition. There are many options for players to customize their gaming experience, including blacksmiths, enchanters and mining, gathering, hidden treasures, and much more.

Do not wait; Pen & Paper needs you now!

Key Features:
* The ultimate simulation of pen and paper RPGs
* Create your own role-playing group with the game master, role-players, and their classes
* Explore a fantasy world and fight your way to defeat the dark wizard.
* Get more gold and level up to unlock amazing gear and items for your party
* You can be the game master and set up fights, as well as choose the number of monsters you want to face.

These are the new features of the +1 Edition:
* Explore new dungeons with monsters traps and treasures.
* The Tavern is a place where heroes can be stored and party members can be swapped out
* There are more options for characters to use during battles, which adds depth and variety to fights
* Extensive campaign with tons of new content


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