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Laserbreak is a puzzle game for android, with incredibly complex and interesting levels. In this game you have to use various objects, such as dynamite, balls, ports, elevators, magnets and many others, to direct the laser in the right direction to burn or blow your way to victory. The possibilities are limitless, use everything that will fall under your arm to make your way. The game has many different levels with varying complexity.
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Jan 14, 2018
4.0.3 and up

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It’s a highly addictive, challenging, and extremely enjoyable experience that is loved by gamers all over the world.
To direct your laser beam towards the target, you can use the amazing objects such as TNT, balls and portals, elevators, magnets, and other awesome objects. You can smash, burn, and blast your way towards victory. There are many options!

LASERBREAK offers many levels, from very simple to extremely difficult.

* No ads!
* 120 levels of entertainment to keep you busy for hours
* Easy to learn, but challenging to master
* 15+ amazing physics objects
* Take your time and explore the puzzles.
* To complete an additional challenge, find the bonus coins
* Amazing HD graphics
* 9 languages translation options
* Impress your friends with the first finish

LASERBREAK is one the most unique and exciting physics puzzle games.

Physics objects include:
Balls – You can roll the balls, launch them, or drop them. They are the most useful object.
TNT – Use the laser beam to ignite the explosives. It can be used to explode other objects, smash glass and knock over dominoes, as well as blast other objects.
Portals – Also known as Wormholes, they can teleport objects from one location to another. Make sure you use them sparingly.
Magnets – Use magnets for controlling the path of steel balls and holding steel crates in their place.
Ice – Melt the frozen ice to expose other objects! It can be melted using the laser beam.
Wood – The laser can be used to burn wood, creating more pathways for the laser beam or for the balls to roll.
Glass – Glass reflects laser beams and holds other objects. It can be crushed or broken with other objects, such as balls and crates.
Reflective shapes – Turn the reflective triangle shapes so that the laser beam is reflected at different angles.
Blocks – Use reflective blocks to bounce off the laser beam. You will need to use your brain to navigate non-reflective block.
Bonus coins – Easter eggs. For an additional challenge, find them in random levels and use the laser to destroy them.


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