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Minibus Simulator Vietnam – a simulator of driving a small passenger minibus through the streets and roads of Vietnam. Players will enjoy traveling both in and out of cities. Performing tasks for the delivery of passengers, as well as observing the rules of the road. High-quality graphics, adequate behavior of other participants on the track, the work of the police monitoring compliance with the speed limit, the need to visit gas stations and other specialized locations, the vehicle pumping system, the purchase of new models, as well as much more makes the gameplay very realistic and exciting for drivers.
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Dec 18, 2021
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Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a brand new version. It has many new features and fixes many bugs. The program is optimized to improve its FPS performance. Minibus Simulator Vietnam allows you to experience the life of a small- and medium-sized bus driver in Vietnam. It features the most popular buses in Vietnam, including the 29-seater, 16-seater… Minibus Simulator Vietnam’s MAP is based on a rural Cultural Village. The City also has a large BUS STATION. Numerous rest stops, red lights, and speed cameras along the route. There are many billboards with Vietnamese flavor.

These are the top features in Minibus Simulator Vietnam.

Rainy weather system with automatic day and night cycles.
– New graphics featuring more realistic signs, road markings, and 3D models of streets, trees, and houses.
Traffic police can fine you for speeding, passing a red light, or failing to obey a…
Automated bars are available at the bus station and the toll booth. Passengers must be purchased and paid for when you pass through the toll booth.
– The GARAGE system allows you to upgrade your vehicle with over 40 paint colors, almost 20 wheel lazing wheels, and dozens of accessories that can be used for every type of vehicle, such as flags, helmets, and care assistants.
– A new flexible license plate system allows you to change the background color, number size, font type, and flags on the license plates.
– Correctly recalculated bonus system, level & exp, km traveled
– A car control button system has been completely replaced with an on/off switch. This is very similar to what you see in real life.
– It is possible to put up or down the signal light and rain switch in a manner very similar to real life.
– Supports more languages than 12
– High-performance mirrors can see the entire scene in MAP, including traffic cars.
A rain wiper can be used to remove raindrops from the windshield.
– Car headlights can be seen clearly at night thanks to their brighter, more realistic appearance.
– The AI traffic vehicle moves physically smooth and intelligently, honking the siren automatically when the player’s vehicle is ahead and stopping when it detects an obstacle.
There are many MAP types, including pass roads, rough terrain roads, and dangerous wooden bridges.
– The MP3 player feature can be used to turn on the SPEAKER beat by the most eye-catching music effects.
– Open the luggage compartment by opening and manipulating the car’s door.
Remote Car Locking by Smartphone
– Carrying passengers and luggage
– Pull the Handbrake and let go.
– The steering wheel has 3 different horn modes, which sound like real cars: siren, yellow bee horn, and…
– Has Mini MAP, GPS navigation map
– Start the engine by turning off the engine. Signal, flash the headlights and the LED lights in your cabin.
Flexible seat position changes in the cabin
– Easy and intuitive control with 3 modes: keyboard, steering wheel, and tilt sensor
– You will need 2 modes: Automatic and number of floors
– No advertisements
High performance
Save the game.
– Share your photos on social media by taking pictures of the game

Minibus Simulator Vietnam, the most anticipated version of the passenger bus driver simulation game, was already in 2021. We will continue to update MAP, add new buses and improve the player experience. We are confident that you will be happy with the product you purchase. Don’t miss this amazing product! Play Minibus Simulator Vietnam Now!


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