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Monster Storm2 – pokemon-like adventure project with an old-school visual style, as well as a wide range of opportunities for exciting adventures, coaching, adding to the collection of wards, as well as gradually achieving the reputation of a skilled and talented character. There will also be villains who want power and domination. So, in addition to everyday tasks, you will also have to save the world with the help of your assistants. Step-by-step development, meeting like-minded people, visiting major cities, participating in tournaments, and much more will not let fans of this kind of setting get bored.
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Oct 14, 2020
4.1 and up

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Monster Storm2 Version Features

1. This version will include a mythical unicorn (Unicorn).
2. We will be adding new quests to help us capture the Unicorn.
3. Find new ways to reward diamonds
4. It is easier for players to purchase more items by adding a lucky shop.

Many interesting adventure games, including level puzzles, monster fights, and skill strategies.
Use your monster balls to capture the monsters on your adventures.
You can challenge and collect mythical monsters, defeat Gym Leaders, and become world champions. These are our goals.
We must stop this evil villain from capturing monsters for experimentation.
Let’s grow together with the monster to reach super evolution. Welcome to download experience!

Monster Storm2 is an RPG with elements of strategy as well as a monster trainer.

To become the best Monster Storm2 trainer, players must travel the globe to capture powerful monsters and train them.


Monster Type System
Monster Storm2 is based upon monster battles. There are many types of monsters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The game’s core purpose is to train different types of monsters according to your interests and strategies.

[(Main Story)] The game’s player dreams of becoming a monster trainer. To help his monsters gain more experience, there are several main quests. Many trainers will also challenge them. This version has many villains who capture monsters and steal their energy to create the ultimate weapon to end the world. The doctoral assistant and the protagonist will work together to defeat the villain’s mad plan, rescue the monsters captured and defeat his boss.

[(Various Skill Combinations]] Each battle is won by skill. As it grows, each monster acquires new skills. The game is very varied and interesting because of the many skill combinations.

[(Send Monster to Friend)] Between friends, send and receive monsters

[(Unique Mechanism)] Mechanism System: Challenge Gym Leaders by unlocking the mechanism.

[(Original Scenes)] While traveling around the world, players can take in the sights and sounds of battle, roadside flowers, and beautiful skies.

[(Interetsing Puzzles)] Game Hall System: Solve puzzles, exchange coupons for rewards and play games.

[( Various Elements)] Additional Features
Big World Map System: Towns, Caves, Lakes, and the best views you’ve ever seen.
Quest System: Get acquainted with everyone and their stories. To receive rewards, complete their quests.
Achievement System: The better you train, the more you can achieve.


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