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My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT – another project from BANDAI NAMCO, which continues to develop the gaming sphere of the universe created in the popular manga / anime source. Players will have the opportunity to get to know their favorite main characters again as the storyline develops, as well as to see how their relationship developed during the rivalry for the title of the coolest character. But besides that, there will be something to do in the vastness of this entertainment.
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Jul 26, 2022
7.0 and up

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Welcome to MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT – Celebrating the hit T.V. The fifth season of the anime series!
It- A battle RPG that is explosive with the heroes and villains you love.
– Let your heroes shine by using their iconic Quirks!
To be the best hero, climb the ranks!

-You can have a casual 3-on-3 Quirk fight with your heroes and other fierce opponents.
-Activate Quirks by tapping your finger.
– Create skill chains using your heroes’ Quirks
-For the last punch, grab your Plus Ultra Moves!

V You have the power to create your heroes’ Quirks!
-U.A. – Train up High-ranking teachers and Pro Heroes are at the Unforeseen Simulator Joint (USJ).
– In the VE Tower, you will find formidable enemies!

Your team of heroes should be prepared to face the evil pursuits of the villains.

-V Read the story of My Hero Academia’s “Main Quest” and get a relived version!
-Follow the story of Izuku Midoriya’s encounter with All Might, No. 1 Hero.
-U.A. students in action Watch as High-Class 1-A grows, see USJ face an onslaught and compete at U.A. Sports Festival
– Shie Hassaikai is threatened by the League of Villains and they strike down.
-Enjoy familiar and memorable scenes from T.V. Enjoy anime and every battle as Deku, his friends, aim to be Pro Heroes!

V See a selection of exclusive illustrations!
Display your Ultra Rare character on the Home screen, and let them live with the “Cinematography” feature.
Training your characters will awaken them to unlock new illustrations.

V Customize your Hero Base as U.A. High School, a villain hideout or more!
Invite your heroes or villains to your space.

V Test your skills in Ultra Arena!
Play against other players to see who is the best.
Use the Quirks to win with your well-trained heroes!
Master the game to claim your place at the top of this list.


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