Organ Trail: Directors Cut APK

Great Game Alright I think this game is one of the best pastimes out there. Developers seem to be spotted this point, the new work is also a zombie as the theme. The story of the background occurred in Washington, DC, the whole city was zombie attack has become an empty city, is about to be destroyed.
4.2/5 Votes: 7,080
May 4, 2021
2.3 and up

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——- The latest update contains save game recovery which should automatically recover old achievements, skulls and tombstones as well as campaign saves! ——-
**Touch Arcade 9/10 “Organ Trail Director’s Cut” is an infuriating, magical and almost surprisingly expansive experience. “**

**148 Apps – 9/10 “Virtually all aspects of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut ooze style and cleverness. “**

**Jay Is Games – “Organ Trail” Director’s Cut is a lighthearted, darkly comical, and offbeat love letter to retro-gaming. “**

**Game Trailers: “It’s definitely among the more intense, cerebral zombie games out there.”


Organ Trail is a retro survival game for zombies. You and four of your friends will travel westward in a stationwagon, searching for supplies and fighting off the undead. You might have to take care of them yourself if they become ill.
Organ Trail is faithfully recreated as though it were on an Apple 2. It features 16-color art, retro beeps, and boops. This book is packed with references, themes, and zombie mechanics. It’s a must-have item for zombie survivalists.

The Men Who Wear Many Hats, a Chicago-based indie group, is excited to launch their first commercial product. Funded by Kickstarter supporters, they are also eager to create this game.

Name your party after your friends, and watch them slowly die.
Hours of gameplay
Dysentery and 9 other diseases can be treated
-Scavenge supplies to fight the undead
Manage your food, ammo and fuel in your fight to survive
-Remove infected party members from your home who could turn on you
Stop at towns to shop, get work and fix your car
-Car upgrades
-Fight against bandits
-Zombie boss fights
Roadside encounters driven by choice
-A weather system with day-night cycles
-Huge music and Apple 2 pixel art
-28 Achievements
-Survivor leaderboards
-400 Community-written tombstones


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