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Pocket Rogues: Ultimate – an excellent representative of role-playing games in the mechanics of “bagels”. Typical style graphics, top view, random generation of locations and events, as well as a high level of complexity will definitely please not only fans of old-school design, but also just connoisseurs of exciting entertainment. In moments when the character is not in mortal danger of any descent to the next location, he can build his own castle with the money raised after the raids. This and much more will drag on for a long time all those who are eager for adventure in the almost complete darkness of the dungeons.
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Feb 13, 2022
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Pocket Rogues, a dynamic Action-RPG that is built in the Roguelike style. You must fight your way through hordes and monsters, by traveling to unique locations and building your fortress and heroes .
Real-time battles are a challenge for any hardcore player. You can also engage in long hours of research on the environment and other unusual techniques.

“A dark dungeon has beckoned hapless travelers for centuries with its treasures and secrets. They disappear one after another after meeting the Evil. But these gloomy legends only make it more difficult for new adventurers. Why not be one of them? ”


* This game can be played in real-time, without any pauses between stages. You can move, dodge obstacles and maneuver around a flank. This complex combat system is based primarily on character control as well as a player’s skill.
* There is a variety of heroes in. Each has their own skills, equipment, and dendrogram.
Each descent is unique! All locations, monsters, loot, and accidental encounters are generated during the game. You will never get two identical dungeons!
* You can freely move between any open location.
* Build and improve erections on the territory of the Guild Fortress.
* Regular updates. The community and active players have been involved in the game’s development and support for many years.

This premium version is intended to make it easier to extract gems and enhance your gaming experience.


* 50% Increase in the number of gems earned by killing bosses and monsters, and for completing tasks
* Added the save the game option before leaving. This can be done in any normal dungeon.
* You can open the dungeon starting at 5/10/25/50 floors if you clear the appropriate number of floors in this area.
* The multiplayer feature has been extended: You can now start the game from the 5/10/25/50 levels, and it will soon be possible to create rooms that can hold up to to four people. Only the Ultimate version will have multiplayer available at all locations, except for the first three.
* All future premium classes and buildings, including Necromancer, Berserk and Necromancer, are available for gold (in a free version – for gemstones).
* All normal dungeons are -free

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You can manually transfer the save if it was not automatically transferred. This is very simple to do:
* 1. Open Settings from the start screen for the free version
* 2: Click” “Sa’e” on the bottom of your screen (locally, to the cloud, any choice will do).
* 3) Open Pocket Rogues Ultimate. Click on Settings to click the “g ” button.

The game will then restart and your progress will update.


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