Sleep Cycle APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v4.22.16.6446-release

Varies with device

Sleep Cycle is one of the few mobile apps that is highly recommended by several leading prestigious newspapers including CNN, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal. It stems from a very simple and essential need that few realize or admit that they have a problem: quality sleep.
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Varies with device
Jun 26, 2022
Varies with device

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Sleep Cycle, an intelligent alarm clock/sleep tracker, will help you sleep better and feel more rested.
Get the app free of charge and start monitoring your phone’s sleep patterns. This includes when you wake up, whether it is during a nap or when you wake up with the smart alarm. Get a personalized analysis of your patterns, and trends every day. Get a boost to your sleep with our premium library of soothing sounds and guided meditations.

WAKE UP EASY: 5 Reasons You’ll Love SLEEP CYCLE 1 ALARM – Get a gentle alarm from our intelligent alarm clock to help you sleep better. The alarm will wake you up when you are in a light phase. This is a natural way to feel energized and relaxed while starting your day.
2. SLEEP TRACKING – The patented sound analysis technology means that you don’t need to place your phone under your pillows at night. Instead, turn on your device and place it on the floor or on a nightstand for all the sleep tracking features.
3. SLEEP ANALYSIS: Our sleep tracker app tracks and monitors your light, deep and REM sleep patterns. It analyzes your sounds (even your snoring) using machine learning algorithms.
4. CUSTOM REPORTS: You will be provided with clear insights, graphs and trends that are correlated with your daily habits, external factors, or other activities. This will help you to change your routine and improve your sleep quality, relaxation, and waking up more easily.
5. SOUND LIBRARY: Access music, stories and meditation sessions using a Premium library with relaxing sounds to help you reduce stress, calm your mind, and comfort your body.

Sleep Cycle can be used to get better sleep and to meditate with relaxing sounds. Get this smart alarm and sleep tracker now!

* Our sleep cycle includes light, deep, and waking up. The Sleep Cycle has a waking phase (30 minutes default), that ends at the time you choose.
* This phase monitors your body’s signals to wake you up softly when you are in the most restful sleep possible.
* There are two modes of motion detection: accelerometer or microphone. The app should remain open in the background with the device not locked. It should not be placed under your pillow.
There are two types of snooze modes. Intelligent snooze allows you to sleep throughout your waking phase. Regular nap allows you to select a time for snooze between 1-20 minutes.
* Sleep Cycle on Wear OS allows you to rise from your bed with a gentle vibration at your wrist, without anyone else being awake

A good night’s rest will make a big difference in your health. Its intelligent alarm and soothing sounds for meditation make it easy to get up from the pillow. Get Sleep Cycle now!

An accelerometer or sound technology that allows for sleep analysis.
Daily sleep tracker statistics and graphs
Select alarm melodies carefully
You can snooze by lightly shaking or double-tapping your phone. You don’t need anything under your pillow!
You can set your own wake-up time. Instant alarms up to 90 minutes

Maintain long-term sleep tracker trends
Compare your data with world statistics on sleep
Historical data about your snoring patterns
A library of soothing sounds, stories, meditation exercises, and music for bed can be found here
Examine how stress, coffee drinking, exercise, and late-night eating can affect your sleep quality
Learn how to relax and understand the factors that affect your mood.
Online backups are a great way to protect your data

Premium Sleep Aid relaxing sounds include everything, from music to poetry, meditation and relaxation guide, and even storytelling. Experts have created all of these sounds to assist you in meditation, relaxation, preparation for sleep, and more.

Possibility to charge your phone at night
Ability to place your phone on the nightstand or the floor near your bed (not under the pillows).


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