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Play the free RPG version "Star Traders RPG" before you purchase Elite and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy in the Quadrant for free! The Trese Brothers never run ads in our games -- enjoy an ad free, permission free experience!
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February 15, 2019
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Enjoy hours of turn-based strategy in Quadrant with the free RPG “Star Traders RPG” version before you buy Elite. You won’t find any ads in the Trese Brothers games.
As you trade, travel, and battle across the vast Star Traders Quadrant, command your officers and crew from your starship’s bridge. As an Assassin or Bounty Hunter, Traders, Pirate, Smuggler, you can employ a variety of strategies. Are you able to manage your crew and officers effectively enough to make a profit in an ever-changing interstellar economy?

Upgrade to the Elite edition and enjoy it! All your captains can be copied to the paid edition. Elite contains more than 200 new planets and more than 2,000 new sector in the vast galaxy. There are over 400 new ships and twice as many rumors and officers.

Star Trading captains will find this epic RPG full of space pirate RPGs. You will need to navigate the Quadrant politics, choosing between the opposing Factions or taking a chance and remaining independent. This deep space trading and civ simulation offers endless replay value, allowing you to choose any route you wish as a captain. You can play as a pirate to stop merchants from using the great shipping lanes. Or, you can join the Solar War as an army captain and hunt for targets across the Quadrant.

Star Traders (a turn-based strategy role playing game (RPG), is inspired by classic games like Space Trader, Master of Orion and Elite. Star Traders’ space trading simulation may appeal to those who enjoy retro games and adventure and tactics, Action RPGs or Sci-fi RPGs with deep depth such as Master of Orion.

The development team continues to develop and update this indie RPG, based on your feedback. It is frequently updated with new content and features. Send us your suggestions and bugs!

You will be a Star Trading captain in the strategy RPG.
Explore over 300 planets
Trade-in the deep and complex economy and manipulate it in our economic simulator
– Purchase, sell, or fight over 600 starcraft
More than 60 upgrades available to customize and design your spacecraft
You can customize your captain by choosing from 6 classes, officers, or spaceships.
– Check out the comments to see Star Traders being rated one of the top RPGs by players

The Elite Upgrade is an amazing new content that includes 2,000 additional sectors, 200 more planets, hundreds and ships, as well as more rumors, artboards, and officers. You can also copy any Star Traders captain to Elite (free).

Both internal and external threats are constantly putting your command of the ship under threat. Are you able to manage your crew and officers effectively enough to make a profit?



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