Survivalist: invasion APK + MOD (Unlimited Gold/HP) v0.0.606


Do you think it's easy to survive on this island? - Rick said, spitting chewing tobacco into the grass. - I tell you the truth, it's like a damn role-playing game in which you have to survive every day. Not a year has passed since the command sent me on a mission. Once on this island, I saw various mutants and zombies. Zombies, Bro, you won't believe it, these are the real walking dead!!! It's like some kind of zombie apocalypse on earth.
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Jul 4, 2022
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Is it possible to survive on an island like this? Rick said that he spit chewing tobacco into his grass. It’s like a role-playing game, where you have to survive each day. Since the command sent me on this mission, not a year has gone by. I was able to see many mutants and zombies once I reached the island. You won’t believe this, Bro! These are the real walking dead! It’s almost like a zombie apocalypse.
My task was to find out what happened to Alpha group members, who disappeared from these parts without a trace. This survival RPG was the most bizarre because I recognized multiple members of the Alpha group among the zombies.

To protect myself against these bloodthirsty animals, I built a shelter near my home. You can make weapons and armour in my shelter and use first-aid kits to treat wounds. Sometimes, I go on trips to see this island. This isn’t an island, I will tell you! It’s an entire archipelago! Local aboriginal cultists also worship a God. Some factions are armed to the teeth and fighting each other. I found merchants in the far corners of the island who could briefly explain what the island was like. They had all the weapons and necessary items that I needed. Without weapons, you can’t survive here.

Hero, I offer you a survival game that is cooperative. These super-strong mutants are my bosses, and Zombies have bosses. I discovered a passage to another island but it was guarded by a monster. It looked very similar to Sergeant Gil who served in Bravo Squad. You have no choice but help. This will not be the last day we spend on this island.

You claim to be an experienced warrior. Let’s find out what kind of dough you are made from!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game Features:

RPG with a great story and great humor
Quests that lead the player through the story
Keep the notes of survivors.
There are many places to explore
You can make a lot of different items, armour, and weapons.
Explore a vast world
Exploration of shelters and caves, military bases, and other infrastructure
Home construction and interior design
Get the coordinates of raiders to attack
Investigate murders like a real detective


– Play multiplayer with your friends in Co-op: Free PvP
– Battle royale mode: loot players!
– Large areas with a global chat that allows players to communicate and leaderboards.
Faction clan bases: Build a base with your friends to attack other clans.
– MMO raids against ferocious bosses, hunting for the walking dead together with your clan
– Completion of cooperative PvE tasks and quests;
– Your pet will be your loyal helper!

You will find instructions on how to survive the zombie epicalyx here.

My resources

You can find many resources to build a shelter at your home. You can find wood, stone, and many other useful materials. You will discover vaults containing tools, weapons, and other essential resources as you explore the vast open space.

Make or find weapons and armour

The zombie survival game has many options: You can hunt, or you can become a victim. There are many weapons, armour, and armour options. Make a powerful cannon, and you’ll be ready to face the walking dead.

Discover a vast open world

The big island is awash with mutants and zombies. You can explore many places on large islands with an ATV. What is the invasion? What was the origin of the factions on the islands You can find notes from survivors to help you unravel the mysteries surrounding the archipelago.

Become a detective

You can learn how to investigate different crimes as you play the game. Collect evidence! Make decisions that will impact the outcome of the investigation. Find the killers, and the guilty.

Get “Survivalist: Invasion” now and get ready to adventure in the pursuit of survival.


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