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Talkatone is an application for making free calls and sending messages over the Internet. Without using free minutes according to the tariff plan, you can call in unlimited quantities or chat in chat mode. No matter where your interlocutor is, you can always be in touch. Distance doesn’t matter. It is also a handy photo sharing app.
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Jun 14, 2022
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Talkatone allows you to call, text, and talk over WiFi or cellular data. You can keep in touch no matter where you are. Free calls and text messages will help you stay connected. To stay in touch with loved one’s everywhere, send them a text and you can call anywhere!
Text friends and family for free to keep in touch even during government shutdowns. You can get a U.S./Canada number that you choose for free. You can make free phone calls via WiFi, no need for a cell phone plan.

You can send photos and texts to anyone at any time. You can call from any device, phone or tablet. You can travel internationally with no worries. All you need is WiFi to make cheap international calls and send texts. You can buy more calling credits to connect while on the move!

Talkatone allows you to talk, text, and connect with anyone around you. No data plan is required to get in touch with anyone you need and to start rebuilding your connections right away!

Talkatone allows you to call or text anyone you wish, any time you like, via phone or text.


FREE PHONE NUMBER- Talkatone Is Your New Phone
* Talkatone could be your number!
* Get a U.S./Canada number that you choose for free
* Calls can be made free of charge without a cell plan
* You can call anyone with WiFi, even without a cellular data plan.

FREE CALLING APP – Call Canada & the U.S.
* Talk and text with anyone using WiFi or cell data – No need to use your phone minutes
* Get free texts using WiFi or cellular data to send quick messages to family and friends
* Texting app free with your U.S./Canada number
* All users get free SMS/MMS group messaging – Send texts for free

FREE DISPOSABLE TELEPHONE NUMBERS – You can change your number at any time
* Send texts and make calls with a disposable number
Talkatone allows you to burn your number one time for free! Go to your settings to get a new number.
* Call and start texting your new number immediately after pressing “Burn Now!”

* Send WiFi text messages now with photos and funny moments!
* Free text photos to all U.S. and Canadian numbers
* Send photos to friends and family free of cost.

INTERNATIONAL CALLS: Buy Calling Credits to Use for International Calling and Travelling Overseas
* Text and call U.S. numbers via WiFi, without having to pay outrageous roaming fees
* Make travelling more enjoyable with international calls You can now take your Android phone with you on the road.
* Mobile calling credits available at very affordable rates
* International calls to you are free

* Mexico
* The Dominican Republic
* Honduras
* Nigeria
* Colombia
* Guatemala
* Other popular calling card destinations

Talkatone allows you to call and text family and friends from your Android tablet. No need for a cell phone plan
* Free texting and calling when you connect to WiFi
* Text your tablet with a number other than your phone
* To receive free texting and calling, request a second number for your phablet.

Your free phone number allows you to text and call for free! To start texting and calling from a new number, you can free-up your old number. You can make cheap international calls to Canada and the U.S. without using any of your minutes or cellular data.

Talkatone makes texting and calling easy with its simple-to-use interface.

Talkatone doesn’t support texting or 911 calling.
Carrier data charges may apply. Contact your carrier for more information.


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