The Walking Dead: Survivors APK + Mod


You walk into a real doomsday world, which is full of unknowns and dangers. If you want to live, you can only stimulate your own survival skills, build your own weapons, fight with other wild animals, and only get With food and resources, you can survive better, but every fight is thrilling. Only when you master the fighting skills can you win!
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May 17, 2022
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Are you able to survive in a world full of Walkers? You can experience the world of The Walking Dead when you cross paths with comic book icons Rick, Michonne and Negan. Fight the living and battle the Walkers. Explore the vast universe of The Walking Dead by visiting fan-favorite places.
You must build a settlement and defend it. Gather supplies. Form alliances. Train your army. Grow your reputation as an a leader. Fight other players. And most importantly… SURVIVE!

Features of the game

The Walking Dead: Survivors, an official strategy game for survival, is based on the Skybound comic book series.

Official Game – Meet memorable TWD characters such as Rick, Michonne and Negan. Survive the Walker invasion, fight against other clans, build your shelter, recruit your army and improve your reputation as an exemplary leader.

Strategy Game – Your shelter is dependent on your survival. You will need to gather supplies, manage your medical needs, farm, train and explore, as well as recruit new heroes.

Defense Game – Walkers are constantly trying to destroy your shelter so you’ll need to strengthen and place obstacles. To defend your settlement against the Walker horde or enemy survivors, strengthen your walls, put obstacles, build defense towers, strategically trigger survivors’ skills, and strengthen your defenses!

Social Game – Walkers are just the beginning. But Negan and his gang, the Saviors, are the real threat! To form clans, you can team up with other players. To gain more territory and wage war against Negan, build several clan buildings in the region.

Exploration Game – Exploring the area surrounding your settlement is key to unlocking new places, characters, items and resources, as well as learning more about the world. What are you looking for? Who should you send? How do you get there? These are the choices you’ll have to make as a leader.


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