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The Titan Quest porting game still looks great even now, even on a decade ago, with scenes across all three continents, whether it be the Greek temple or the Egyptian pyramid or the Chinese The Great Wall, but also show the customs of different regions and profound cultural heritage. "Titan Quest" portals retain all the original content, a vast open world, day / night cycle system, 30 different occupations, hundreds of character skills and more than a thousand kinds of equipment types. Titan Quest has enough volume to impress you in terms of gameplay, especially with the fast-paced hands-on rhythm of the current Titan Quest.
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Nov 19, 2021
5.0 and up

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Titan Quest, an action RPG originally released for PC in 2006 is set against a mythological background. The Titans have escaped prison and are determined to destroy the Earth. They can’t be stopped by the Gods, but a hero must lead this great struggle. The fate of humanity and the Olympians will be determined by victory or defeat.
You are the hero! You are the hero! You can master archery, swordsmanship or magic arts to unlock incredible powers. Find special items that will help you accomplish your quest, such as legendary swords and thunderbolts that can be devastating, or enchanted bows.

This new version is specially designed for mobile devices and offers many new features.
* New touch-friendly interface
* Touch-friendly gameplay completely redesigned
* Quality graphics
* Explore a vast and open world
* Night/full day cycle
* 80 mythological creatures: Minotaurs and Cyclopses, Gorgons, Gorgons, etc.
* 1200+ Items to Discover
* 30 distinct character classes
* 150 different character skills
* A total of 60 hours of colossal playtime
* Scalable difficulties modes: Weapons and enemies that match your skill level
* Discover dozens of unlockable achievements
* No ads, no microtransactions.

Titan Quest is a hack-and-slash classic that combines ancient mythology and non-stop action. It offers energizing gameplay with an intense, fast rhythm. You can conquer the most formidable enemies and overcome thrilling challenges to win the battle for the mobile world.

DLCs are available in-app:
* IMMORTAL TRONE – Meet the greatest villains in Greek mythology. Brave the attacks of Cerberus and risk your life on the banks of River Styx for this new dark adventure.
* RAGNAROK – Explore the unexplored lands of northern Europe and brave the realms the Celts, Northmen, Asgardian gods, and more!
ATLANTIS- Start your journey across the western Mediterranean to find the mythical kingdom Atlantis. You can also visit the Tartarus Arena to enjoy epic battles!

Languages supported: EN, CZ. FR, DE. IT, JA. KO. PL. RU. ZH-CN. SK. ES.


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