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TouchRetouch – A unique application on android that will easily help you remove unwanted objects from your photos. All that is required is to mark them on your screen and press the start button, the rest of the application will do it for you! Photo editing has never been so fast, simple and convenient! And the ability to watch video lessons is also instructive.
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Jul 15, 2022
8.0 and up

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Are you having trouble getting the right people out of vacation photos? Are you having trouble with meshes and blemishes? Do you need to get rid of background objects? All of these can be retouched using our TouchRetouch photo editor tool. Editing photos used be difficult and often required the use of a professional photo editor. TouchRetouch’s unique image remove object toolkit makes it possible to make any photo look flawless and more pleasing to your eyes in a matter of minutes.

The app’s handy tools allow you to retouch your skin in one-touch. The app’s blemish remover makes it easy to get rid of wrinkles, pimples and skin blemishes using any photo. With the AI technology included in the app, anyone can do face skin retouching with just one touch.

All the work will be taken care of by the photo remover. You just need to tap on any blemishes and mark the areas you wish to fix. You can use several photo retouching tools to remove unwanted objects. Brushes are a great choice for small items. Lasso can be used to select large areas in a photograph. The Eraser can be used to unmark overmarked areas in the background. In a matter of seconds, an item disappears after it is fixed. It’s never been easier to remove objects.


TouchRetouch allows you to quickly retouch any lines in photos that aren’t necessary. You can remove thick lines by tracing them or by tapping on them. You can either use a special mode or manually remove them. In just a few clicks, this line-eraser tool will erase ugly power lines that run across the blue sky.


Meshes can be used to remove street or animal fencing. This photo editor removes meshes from your photos.

Thanks to its intelligent detection and removal algorithm, the photo eraser is quick and simple. Both work together to locate a mesh in your photo and automatically erase it. You don’t have to manually pick and remove each mesh line. The photo retouching tool will do that for you. This method makes it much simpler and quicker to remove objects.


This powerful retouch tool allows you to duplicate certain areas of an image. This tool is great for cloning multiple objects, and then pasting them into an image. This is a great way to remove artifacts and fix distortions in background.


The app makes it easy to remove watermarks from the backgrounds. It is as easy as using the brush tool. You will get the best results if you remove logos and emblems from a uniform background.


This photo remover is ideal for 360deg photographers. It can be used to remove unwanted objects, such as tripods and people from photos.


It is very easy to use the photo editor eraser. It has an intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate menus.

However, the app offers many pop-ups as well as tooltips. The app’s extensive user guide can be used to help you find your way if you get lost. These tools were created to make photo editing as simple and seamless as possible.


* No ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases
* No loss of EXIF or quality data
* Professional photo editing
* Automated photo healing tools


TouchRetouch is developed by real professionals who care about the user experience and are passionate about their work. ADVA Soft values customer-based interaction as an integral part of their development process.

You are always welcome to reach out, ask questions, and provide feedback at [email protected] As a user, you have the power to influence how this app develops. Get involved in our community to improve your favorite software.


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