Ultimate Custom Night APK + Mod


Ultimate Custom Night apk is a survival challenge horror game full of strange atmosphere. The primary purpose of the player is to live, to find ways to survive in this space surrounded by terrorists, and to find the dolls and kill them.
4.5/5 Votes: 26,900
May 16, 2020
6.0 and up

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NOTE: This game requires at least 2GB RAM to function properly.
This is the ultimate FNaF mashup! You will be locked in an office fighting off animatronics. There are 50 animatronic characters to choose from, spread across seven Five Nights at Freddy’s Games. The customization options are almost endless. You can mix and match any number of characters you choose, adjust their difficulty level from 0-to 20 and jump into the action. You will be responsible for managing two side doors, two vents and two air hoses from your office desk. All of these lead into your office.

If you want to conquer the most difficult challenges, you’ll need to be able to use other tools such as the heater and A/C, global music boxes, power generators, and others. You’ll need to install laser traps in the vents and collect Faz-Coins. Also, you will need to purchase prizes from the Prize Counter. Pirate Cove curtains

Additional features include:
– 16 themed challenges on the Challenge Menu
Voice acting for returning favorites as well as new franchise members
Unlockable office skins
Unlockable cutscenes

NOTE: This game is only available in English.



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