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Wild West: New Frontier is a free farm game that will take you to the vast wild west where you can build your own farm into the vast space. Wild West: New Frontier is something new and completely different from other farm games where you will own your own farm in just 10 minutes a day.
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Jul 4, 2022
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Howdy, farmers! This is a perfect day to enjoy a farming simulator game. Build a thriving farm on your farmland. You can gain ranching experience, expand your frontiers, and create western-style products and cute animals. Your hay day is over in the wild wild west!
You will find tranquility and charm in rural villages. A beautiful spot with a view over a flowing stream awaits you. You can design the ranch of your dreams using many buildings and decorations. For an exciting ranching experience, raise cute farm animals and harvest many crops. You can become a cowboy in Wild West!

From a farm to the town!
Expand your borders! Build a theatre, school, saloon or hospital, and transform your farm into a city! Trade with other cities, increase your population, and build your city of dreams! Are you a capable mayor?

Virtual animals can be raised
You can start filling your farm with cows or pigs, then gradually unlock other animals like goats, sheep, geese, and more. Pets are also important: your farm zoo will have a variety of animals, including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and even different types of bunnies!

Farm workshops can be built
Now that you have plenty of resources, it is time to begin the production process. To create valuable products and goods, you can build farm workshops such as the Dairy and Summer Kitchen, Grill, Stove, Mill, Stove, Coffee Bar, and many more. To unlock the island, repair your dock. You can then participate in the fishing minigame to find the hidden treasures below the surface. You can level up to obtain more supplies and become rich!

You can send goods by train
You can build a railway platform that will send trains to farms owned by other players. Fill your trains with the goods and you’ll earn valuable experience and a reward. You still have plenty of goods to go – you can complete the tasks on this order board to move to the next level quicker!

Get involved in the neighborhood races
Wild West is where brave players take part in fast-paced farm games. Participate in the Neighborhood Race Hay Day and show your family that you are the best farmer in the west. High scores are earned and you can hightail it through farm games to win the most prizes and climb the leaderboard. Wild West has a wealth of farming games. Get started today as a farmer! You are invited to a ranching simulation!

You can experience the village life simulation in your farming simulator.

Wild West: New Frontier can be played for free, although some items can be bought for real money. If you prefer, you can still earn these items by playing the game. You can watch ads, win contests, log in every day, and many other things.
Wild West: New Frontier requires an internet connection. This allows you to download the latest updates and save your progress. You can also communicate with your family members in this charming farming simulation.


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