Xenowerk Tactics APK + OBB + Mod


Xenowerk tactics apk is a dooms-free shooting mobile game; players as agents, with skills and a variety of variability; you need to use these to help you explore the jungle, swamp factory and many other unknown scenes; players can also recruit Sailors, rangers, and scientists are the agents you need to deploy to help you get the job done.
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Jun 15, 2020
7.0 and up

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The first part is free. Access the entire game by purchasing an in-app subscription
After a disaster at an Arctic secret lab, you will be the commander of the emergency response team. Depending on who you ask, your task is to either cover up the Xenowerk corporation and maximize profits or save the world.

Send squads to the infected area. Explore a dangerous landscape dotted with remnants from Xenowerk’s bizarre research facilities. You can use your skills, mutations, and traits to avoid mishaps, horrors, and dangers that may occur on your journeys.

Your operatives should be pushed to the limits, so they don’t waste precious time. Explore forests, swamps, laboratories and shelters. Find valuable resources. Perform various missions. Secure strategic safe zones. Rescue M.I.A. operatives.

Your squad can be controlled in real-time battle against mutants. To tilt the odds in your favor, you can use operative skills and mutations such as Frag Grenade and Bait & Trap and Adrenaline. To give more specific orders, activate Tactical Pause.

As your operatives, recruit and develop Marines, Rangers, and Scientists. Be careful, as some might acquire dubious traits and mutations.

Spend the gathered resources to improve your base of operations: Barracks, Recruitment and Field hospital, Armory etc. Spend your earnings on upgrades, recruitment, and treatments.

To continue getting funding, you can cater to the Xenowerk Management. You can make extra money by trading resources on the Black Market. You could even save the world!

* Off-line single player game. There is no connection required.
* Tactical squad-based combat in real-time.
* Explore the world with tons of missions, both handcrafted and automatically generated.
* Character development and home base management.
* Beautiful graphics created using physically-based techniques
* Save up to 10 save games and keep them in the cloud
* English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, Jian Ti Zhong Wen , hangugeo, Ri Ben Yu , Fan Ti Zhong Wen , russkii, Portugues do Brasil


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