ZIC: Zombies in City: Survival APK v0.3b


ZIC: Zombies in City: Survival is a shooter on android, about another zombie apocalypse that you have to go through. Choose a suitable hero for you, which will attract you more and equip him with modern weapons. Act on the warpath against the zombies and gather the right team that will help you get out of the difficult situation. Keep a continuous fire at the enemies and do not let the zombies get to you. This game will please you with a large arsenal of weapons, from pistols to chainsaws and rocket launchers. Choose any weapon and stop the zombie apocalypse.
4.5/5 Votes: 32,400
Nov 30, 2017
4.0.3 and up

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Meet Zombie Apocalypse! You can become a zombie hunter to survive the zombie invasion.
ZIC: Zombie in City – One of the most popular first-person shooters for zombies.
This game is for survival gamers who like zombie shooting.

The zombie virus infects the city. Four characters are fighting the zombie attack. The main goal is to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Walking dead everywhere… The zombie killer squad will gather different people to help them survive the assault of the walking dead.

The zombies appear at night in the fog. The zombie epidemic spread to the undead city, triggering a zombie apocalypse. My friends were eaten by zombies… This deadly virus has not affected only us. We are the only hope for humanity. We must stop zombie infection!

The adventure continues! Now the heroes face a new challenge: survival on an island! The heroes survived the plane crash and ended up on the island. It’s not as safe as you think.

In the most recent update of ZIC, you will find an incredible storyline, new weapons and colourful locations, as well as new adventures!

Endless story mode — fascinating storyline about escaped survivors, undead zombies and the undead city.
There are 10 types of zombies, monsters and enemies marauders.
The changing of day and night;
Four heroes form the Zombie Killer Squad, each with their own history and characters.
Voices, cutscenes, and easter eggs of characters;
A large selection of legal guns and deadly weapon options to help you kill zombies in the undead capital!
Chainsaw, uzi, grenade, rocket launcher, AK-47, baton, machete, bat, pistol, revolver.
Survival Arena is coming soon!

ZIC — A first-person shooter in zombie survival games. Despite the cartoon-style graphics, the zombie shooter maintains the tension and conveys the feeling of an apocalypse within the city.

ZIC: Zombies in City is a free online game that contains adult material.
Murdering games – murder demonstration;
Showing blood

It is possible to block access for your children.

Right now, the game is still in beta. Support the developers by purchasing in-app. It will disable all ads.
You can also buy food and survive, which will allow you to create more levels and modes!


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