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ADWLauncher EX — a well-established stable and smooth desktop that requires no special resources. A kind of workhorse for people who need access to the most necessary functions without any wisdom. Great not only for smartphones but also for tablets. Looking ahead, it is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of the last generation of launchers.
3.9/5 Votes: 28,657
May 29, 2019
1.6 and up

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An extremely customizable application for home replacement
What is a home-replacement application?
It’s an android application that runs when you press the HOME key on your device. This is what most people call the “android desktop”.

What makes ADW different?

-It’s compatible with Android versions 1.6 to 4.
-It’s customizable in almost every way you can imagine.
-Support for all the most popular launcher themes, with thousands of skins and themes
-Mix and match skins, icons docks, folders, and more
-Easily group your apps and hide unneeded ones
-Fast setup screen that allows you to quickly add items or configure everything.
-Gestures for fast operation (swipe up/down, 2-fingers swipe up/down, pinch in/out, etc)
-Configurable actionbar, similar to the android 3.x+ tablet interface
-You can add, remove, swap, and resize your desktop screens with the Screens Editor
-Configurable visual desktop indicators.
-Folder tweaking and management is easy, as well as content previews, arrangement, colors, and other features.
-New AppWidget picker for devices running Android 4.1 and newer.
-Use the -Icons editor for creating custom shortcuts and editing existing ones
-AppWidget resizing
-AppWidget backup/restore only for Android 4.1 or newer
-Customizable docks that support unlimited shortcuts and paginated scroll.
There are many settings you can play with: colours, animations and text.



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