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Apr 25, 2022
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The Best Education and Learning app for Children – Introduction of FunPark App (Android version)

The best Education and Learning App designed for children and parents to enjoy together. FunPark provides children with unlimited access to over 500 amazingly entertaining interactive e-books every month. Through FunPark, hundreds of books on Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Phonics, Chinese Phonetics, Chinese Poetry, Art, Music, Movies, and amusing stories are right at the children’s fingertips for exploring on mobile devices including iPad and Android phones and pads. FunPark is an easy-to-use App, complete with interactive games to encourage creativity, and to help to build up Children’s 5Q brainpower and reading ability that will benefit them all their lives.

★ Winner of “Judges’ Award” and “Best Mobile Service Award” at 201X IDEAS Show.
★ Custom-made for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years old, the interactive App helps children to develop their love for reading.
★ Every month, professional children’s education teams recommend different learning projects with multiple learning contents in each of the 6 main themed areas.
★ Collaborate with numerous famous national children’s book publishers, and highly recommended by over 63,000 parents from all over the world.
★ 5-inch and above mobile phones and table PC’s enabled. Easy connection to PC’s and TV’s. Convenient offline reading mode available.
★ Helps to build up children’s 5Q brainpower”:5Q: IQ, CQ, MQ, EQ and LQ (Intelligence Quotient, Creativity Quotient, Moral Quotient, Emotion Quotient, Leadership Quotient) , and inspires children’s overall brain development to their full potential.

※FunPark Main Features
【Six themed areas, with new books added every month】
Collaborate with various famous children’s book publishers to carefully select the greatest quality and bestselling children’s books available on the market for FunPark. There are over 500 books covering 6 major themes: story, language, math, science, arts, and character education, including multiple graphics browser and creation of new games in the App. New books are introduced each month to offer constantly fresh and different experiences for the children to cultivate their interests in reading and learning.

【Touch screen interactive interface, inspiring reading desires】
Different from traditional teaching materials and methods, children access the contents by interactive and intuitional methods. Together with the games and creative enhancing modules, children are free to roam the App while easily learning new knowledge and picking up new skills. This in turn will build up their enthusiasm to read and learn, combine with creativity and imagination of the children, their brainpower will be developed fully and diversely.

【Effective 5Q Development through Specific Age and Genre Grouping】
The monthly learning program is divided into 3 phases, from preschool (ages 3-6), to ages 7-8, and finally ages 9-10. The books are categorized according to genres/themes, with a multi-language switch mode, step-by-step learning process and creative review tests to maximize the children’s 5Q ability and develop their full mentality potential. A is also available.

【Multiple mobile devices enabled to ensure endless fun learning】
Each account can support up to 3 devices, including tablets and 5-inch screen or above mobile phones (please visit FunPark website for a list of devices supported). Easy connection to wide-screen PC and TV via HDMI is available at no additional charge.

【Easy Off-line Reading Mode for children】
Support offline reading mode, children can read downloaded contents anytime and anywhere, free soaring in funpark.

【Visit our official website for more information.】
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