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Apr 21, 2022
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The MHD Flasher F+G Series is a complete flash tuning app for your BMW & Toyota Supra A90. Unlike a piggyback module, it is capable of complete DME remapping while retaining all OEM safety mechanisms. This allows for maximum performance, maximum safety, and unrivaled drivability.
Full OBD Flashing:
You can install MHD right at home and start tuning immediately! Simply download the MHD Flasher F+G-Series app that connects via a MHD WiFi adapter and your vehicle’s OBD-II port, start the app and within 5 minutes the initial installation is complete. Further map changes are much faster – only 20 seconds! You can revert your vehicle to the factory OEM flash at any point, and no initial backup is necessary.
Stage 1, Stage 2 und E85 OTS (Off The Shelf) Maps by PureBoost:

N55 EWG (Vehicles built after 07/2013 with electronic wastegate):
– Stage 1 (up to 360HP/540NM) (not available for M2 and X4 M40i)
– Stage 2 (up to 390HP/580NM)
– Stage 2+ (up to 430HP/630NM)
– Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 and 2+ E20 Maps for ethanol blends of 20%

N55 PWG (pneumatic wastegate):
– Stage 1 (up to 340HP/540NM)
– Stage 2 (up to 370HP/580NM)
– Stage 2+ (up to 400HP/630NM)
– Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 and 2+ E20 Maps for ethanol blends of 20%

S55 (BMW M3 / M4 F8x):
– Stage 1 (up to 530HP/700NM)
– Stage 2 (up to 560HP/780NM)
– Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 and 2+ E30 Maps for ethanol blends of 30%

– Stage 1 (up to 440HP/600NM)
– Stage 2 (up to 470HP/650NM)
– Stage 2+HPFP (up to 500HP/700NM)
– Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 Maps for ethanol blends of 30%

– Stage 1 (up to 630HP/750NM)
– Stage 2 (up to 700HP/850NM)
– Ethanol Mix Maps (up to 750HP / 880NM): Stage 1 & 2 E30+ Maps for – ethanol blends of 30%+

– Stage 1 (up to 720HP/900NM)
– Stage 2 (up to 780HP/950NM)
– Ethanol Mix Maps (up to 800HP/1000NM): Stage 1 and 2 Maps for ethanol blends of 30%+

Stage 1 (up to 200HP/280NM, 93oct/98RON)
Stage 2 (up to 235HP/350NM, 93oct/98RON)
Full Data Logging and Live Gauges: Monitor your engine behavior to make sure it is running perfectly using a configurable and very responsive gauge layout. 50+ engine parameters are available at a glance!
These flash options can be applied to any map directly through the app:

– Anti Lag (N55/S55/N13 only at the moment)
– Exhaust Burble (duration & aggressiveness, min/max speed, min/max rpm)
– Remove top speed limiter (Vmax)
– CAN ethanol content reading (N55/S55/N13 only at the moment)
– Cold start noise reduction
– Exhaust flap open in sport mode
– Limit power per gear
– XHP TCU flash support (optimized OTS maps)
– Sport cooling mode for increased water / air intercooler cooling
– and many more
Check out our homepage / user manual for more information, supported cars and recommended modifications for each stage.

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