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Apr 25, 2022
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SmileReader: Family Planning, Your Way

Did you know, that even in your 20s, your chances of getting pregnant every month are just 20-25%? By the time you are 40, that number dwindles to only 5%. There is a lot that goes into the fertilization of an egg and the start of a pregnancy. We’re to make it simple for you.

Are you struggling to conceive your child?
Do you and your partner feel hopeless?
Do you wish you could know more about your fertility cycle?

Something as simple as your ovulation cycle can be all that is keeping you and your partner from starting a family. Our app helps you map everything out so you know when you have your best chances of conceiving.

We’re eliminating the pregnancy guesswork.

App Features

Ovulation Tests: When you take pictures of our ovulation tests, you get to track the results directly inside this app. Map out your cycles and know exactly when you are ready to conceive.
Pregnancy Tests: We also provide pregnancy tests as well, which can be logged inside this app.
Ovulation Calendar: Track your personal period calendar so you know when you are at peak ovulation for the best chances of a pregnancy.
Image Scanning: Quickly scan the results of your SmileReader tests with the app. We then use technology to configure them into your own cycle.
Daily Log: You can also use the app to log in basal body temperature, changes in your cervical mucus, and even your mood and weight to increase the accuracy of prediction.
Information Sharing: Share information, dates, and ovulation info with your partner so they can be in-the-know as well.


This SmileReader app only works with SmileReader tests provided in our Ovulation Kits.
We are not a certified provider of medical advice or suggestions. This app is merely designed to help you make a schedule around peak ovulation for your best chances at pregnancy. It does not make any single medical diagnosis, and you should consult with a professional before you take any action that may affect your health or safety.

So what are you waiting for? Download our FREE family-planning app today.

It’s time to start the rest of your life.

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