Link2SD Plus APK + Full Unlock + License Patcher App 2022


This app is a license key only, requeries the Link2SD (free) app and turns it into Plus edition, removes ads and unlocks additional features. You will see "Link2SD Plus" on the title in Link2SD (free) app.
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Oct 20, 2016
2.1 and up

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Plus key to Link2SD

This app requires the Link2SD app (free). It turns it into Plus edition, removes advertisements, and unlocks additional features. The Link2SD (free app) will show “Link2SD Plus”. Plus added
Apps to SD card: Links Internal Data Directory

On your second partition, you will need to use non-FAT files systems (ext2, ext3, or ext4 if you prefer) The FAT file system (FAT16/FAT32, exFAT or exFAT), does not support UNIX permissions or file ownership and can cause a security breach of app’s private data.

External data can be linked and obb files of apps and games can be transferred to the SD card
Links to the SD card system apps dex files
Service for auto-exact cache
Link2SD ads removed

Note to old Link2SD Plus users 
A problem with Google Play caused the app’s package to be changed. The new app has been published.
You can use the old version as well. The old version can be reinstalled from “Play Store > My Apps-> ALL”

  Support & Upgrades / Reinstalls 
* Do not disable “Link2SD Plus”, and keep it installed.
* Link2SD Plus purchases are per Google account; upgrades and reinstalls of the Play Store are free.
Link2SD Plus can be installed on any device free of charge if it is the same Google account that you purchased it with. You must select the “original” Google account from the Play Store side menu (top-right white arrow next your account).

You are receiving a license error.
These cases show this:
* The Play Store app is not loading. Start the Play Store app, and wait for it to load the start page. The Play Store app may not load properly during self-updating. Wait until the app loads completely before you start Link2SD again.
* The internet connection is unavailable/unstable or the Play Store app/services have been blocked from the Internet. For the first license check, you will need a network connection. You can then go offline for a while before you need another license check. License checks can be done by cache.
* Link2SD Plus is, in fact, not licensed/order is incomplete/refunded/canceled. Please log in to “”, and verify that your Link2SD Plus status has changed to “Complete”.
* An invalid Google account was created on the device. Google Play apps are tied to your Google account. If you change it, Play Store won’t be able to recognize your purchase. Re-add the Google account to your device. Next, select this account from the Google Play Store app (sidemen=> top right arrow beside your Google account).
* Too many requests from apps to play servers for licensing check Please try again later (10 minutes).
* (Android 2.x) Background data is disabled

This issue can be solved:
1. Uninstall Link2SD Plus and Link2SD Plus. Then reboot
2. Make sure the internet connection is up and stable on your device
3. Download Link2SD Plus and Link2SD from the Google Play Store App. You can reinstall the account from the Google Play Store app for free. The issue will not be resolved by installing from the APK.
4. You may have to restart/wait a while/exit Link2SD Plus several times in order to reload your license state.
5. If it doesn’t work, the exact data of Google Play Store or Google Play Services and a reboot

You may have sufficient storage space if you get an error message when you install Link2SD Plus.
This issue can be solved:
1. Link2SD – “Clear all app cookies”
2. Set “install location” to auto within Link2SD settings. Reboot
3. If it doesn’t work, the exact data of Google Play Store or Google Play Services.


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