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Create Slow mo video from normal clip! Make a slow motion video ! You can also make magic fast motion video. This is post-processing editor ✏️.
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April 15, 2022
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From a standard clip, create a slow-motion video! Create a slow-motion video! Magic fast-motion videos are also possible. This is a post-processing editor. You can modify your video or change its speed.

Slow Motion Video FX allows you to choose the speed at which the movie is produced. Here are some ideas:
-Record your speech and slow it down – you will sound odd.
-You will sound tiny and microscopic when you speak fast!
-Record some objects falling, such as a teaspoon, nuts, seeds, and so on. It will be funny!
-Record your spitting water and slow it;
-Record your pets in slow motion
-Slow down your sport activities. Slow down when you surf or snowboard;
-When you run, change the movie. You can make slow-mo videos from it.
– And of course, any other ideas that may come to mind:

The app’s new version allows you to use two types of editing:
A) It is a simple process. Slow-mo video. Simply adjust the speed and you will enjoy the final video effect.
b) Advanced Process – Here you can add time points or change the speed of your video at different times. Continue reading.

How to use slow-mo apps advanced process
1) Select the video that you wish to speed up or slow down. You can either choose the video from the gallery, or you can record it. If you wish, trim the video first. This is a post-processing application, so we cannot find more frames per second than your hardware camera. It is possible to slow down motion at 24 frames per second, but it will not look as natural as if your camera records more fps.
2) Add the points to your timeline and move them. You can increase the speed of your movie by moving the point higher. The video will become slower if you move the point up. The video’s speed will not change if you move the point down.
Play with points and save the video to your Gallery
4) Add video filter to your movie. Sound and music are also available!
5) Play the video in slow-motion, then choose the image from the gallery.

The only slow motion maker that allows multiple points to be created at different speeds in one film is ours. Our app changes speed smoothly. Fluently decrease the speed of your video. You can adjust the video frame rate however you wish.

Here are some examples:
Slow motion music
Slow motion hair flip
Slowmo swing
Breakdance, cat drinking, and car crashes.

You can select a time interval, slow-motion speed, and your slow-motion speed, such as 1/2x, 1/3x or up to 1/5x. Or fast motion – video acceleration of up to 5x.

You now have a slow-motion camera in your pocket!

You can upload the output video to YouTube or Instagram. Show your friends and get hundreds of’ likes’!

Slow-motion video fx can transform your videos into slow motion. You can choose the speed of your slow-motion video fx output movie. You can adjust the frame rate and resolution of your video within the app, which supports variable frame rates. You can share the original movie with your friends or upload it to youtube.



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