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The hero suddenly in the award, and prizes is a father pizza shop. You need to manage this pizza shop, try to make it popular bursting! At the beginning, the production of baking modulation ingredients can only be done by you alone, but also hospitality guests so that they feel at home, but as guests more and more income more and more, you can Hired chefs and waiter friends.
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April 20, 2021
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Papa’s Pizzeria HD offers seasonal pizzas that you can top, bake, and then serve!

When you are left to manage Papa Louie’s popular pizza parlour, things can get messy! As you unlock new toppings, crusts, sauces, and other ingredients for seasonal and classic pizzas, you’ll be busy at the pizzeria. This award-winning game is now available for tablet. You can top, bake, and serve pizzas.

Each station is a hands-on experience. You’ll need to be able to multitask between the various stations in order to complete your orders. You can choose a crust and add sauce, cheese, or any other toppings you like to your pizza. Place the pizza in the oven, and let it bake for about 10 minutes. You can then take the pizza to the Cutting Station and cut it into the perfect shapes. Then, you can serve your customers the pie!


Papa Louie’s delicious pizzas are now available for delivery! You can hire a delivery man to take orders and answer the phone. When the pizza is ready, they’ll deliver it right to your home!

Enjoy the holidays with holiday-inspired pizzas Your customers will be ordering pizzas made with seasonal ingredients as the seasons change in Tastyville. Your customers will be excited to try new toppings and crusts for every holiday.

Customers may occasionally send you special recipes that you can use in your pizza shop as the Daily Special. You can also earn a bonus for demonstrating the recipe well. If you make enough Specials, you’ll be eligible for a special prize!

You can play Roy and Joy, or you can create your own character to manage the pizzeria. With a wide range of holiday clothing and outfits for your employees, you can show your holiday spirit! You can create your own style by creating millions of combinations and choosing unique colours for each piece of clothing.

Missing your favourite customer? Vincent, your friendly mailman will help you send coupons to your favorite customer. Customers love to get a deal and will quickly order more pizza. Coupons are great to complete Stickers quests or strategically level up customers.

You can customize your lobby with new decorations and themes for every holiday! Your customers will be more willing to wait longer for your food if you decorate the restaurant with holiday decorations.

Foodini’s Mini-Games will help you earn new furniture for the lobby and clothing for your employees. After work, you can visit the Shop to browse a wide range of clothing and furniture, as well as other helpful upgrades for the restaurant. You can even buy these items with your hard-earned tips.

Papa’s Stickers collection returns. You can earn them by completing different tasks and achievements. Each customer has three favorite Stickers. If you earn all three, you’ll get a brand new outfit to gift that customer.


– A Papa Louie-style pizza shop.
Updated and remastered to work on tablets
Multitasking: You can do topping, baking, or cutting at the same time
There are 12 holidays that you can unlock with different ingredients
Learn and master 40 special recipes
You can earn 90 stickers to help you complete tasks
– Delivery drivers and custom chefs
You can decorate your shop with tons of furniture and clothing.
Shop upgrades can be purchased with earned tips
We have 109 customers that we can serve with custom orders
Stickers are a great way to show your customers how to create new outfits.
More than 95 ingredients available to unlock
7 Mini-Games that you can play after work



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