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Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy – Great strategy with a very simple interface and graphics. It is very similar to those old strategies that we all once played, there are not a lot of resources, but there are many different types of troops, some of which are designed for air battles, while others are for ground battles.
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February 23, 2021
2.2 and up

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Rusted Warfare a fully featured RTS based on classic real-time strategy games like Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer.

* Pure RTS with no microtransactions, and no DRM
* Online and offline multiplayer via wifi and mobile networks
* Skirmish, survival, challenge, and campaign missions with full AI
* More than 40+ unique land and air units for balanced gameplay
* Nuclear missiles and experimental units for big battles in the endgame
* Strategic and tactical opportunities with unrivalled units like
-Flying Fortresses
-Combat Engineers
-Amphibious Jets
– Shielded Hovertanks
-Laser Defences
* Quick interface: Issue commands via the minimap, multitouch support, unit group, rally points
* Strategic zoom Zoom out to see and issue commands across the entire battlefield
* Save and load multiplayer games, including multiplayer games, for a quick lunchtime battle
* Avoid disappointment by reconnecting disconnected multiplayer games
* Create and load custom levels
* Fully scales from smartphones to large-screen tablets
* Support for USB keyboard and mouse




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