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Shadow Fight 3 APK – a game in 3D-graphics for Android, the plot of which is based on the opposition, the struggle of the parties. Three clans are fighting for the opportunity to control the fate of the Shadow energy that burst into the light.
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March 22, 2022
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Legend says that a hero will defeat the battle for shadow energy. He will need to master three fighting styles, learn the best weapons, and take on the most powerful warriors.
The world is at the brink of an epic conflict. Three war clans fight to determine the fate of the Gates of Shadows, a powerful force unleashed many years ago by the Gates of Shadows.

The Legion warriors are determined to destroy this dangerous energy. The Dynasty wants to use the energy for their own benefit. The Heralds clan’s mysterious ninjas explore the darkest secrets and shadow power.

There are three clans, three worldviews and three styles of fighting. Which side will your join? If you want to win, fight back with rage!

Shadow Fight 3 allows you to showcase your fighting skills to the rest of the world. Save the universe from falling by becoming a hero.

This online RPG-fighting game continues the Shadow Fight story with new characters in 3D. You can expect action, brawls between powerful fighters, as well as an exciting adventure throughout the world where mystical powers reign.

Are you ready for an exciting fighting game? Black ninja, honourable knight, or skilled samurai? You can decide who your hero is. You can win unique skins during battles or customize your equipment colours to create an individual look.

This battling game lets you explore the fighting styles of all three clans. Your combat style. You can choose to fight as a skilled ninja, or as a powerful knight. Use shadow energy to unleash powerful, impressive blows that can alter the course of battle.

All around the globe, warriors are waiting for a hero to fight for justice and stop the struggle for power from the shadows. Choose your clan to influence the storyline. To challenge your archnemesis, defeat him. Then explore other worlds and travel back to the past to discover new details.

Even after the main story battle ends, the action of a hero-fighting game continues. You can win duels against AI-controlled heroes of other players. You can fight with the most powerful warriors to earn a spot on the TOP-100 leaderboard, and you will be a legend in your area!

To experiment in battles or look cool in duels, gather your armour and weapons. You will be able to use your unique abilities to win brawls after you have collected all the equipment. You can plan your strategy and take control of the game until the end.

Participate in EVENTS
Regular themed events are held for RPG heroes. You can win rare skins and colours as well as weapons and armour. These battles will allow you to meet new heroes as well as learn many interesting facts about Shadow Fight.

Realistic combat animations and vibrant scenery can compete with console games.

Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG combat game that combines elements from a knight fighting game with ninja adventures. You can customize it as you wish and then enjoy the attack. Keep fighting until the end!

Shadow Fight 3 requires an internet connection to play.



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