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In Sheltered you may see the shadow of this War of Mine. After all, in recent years, the survival of the game has sprung up, which makes the same survival as the core, supplemented by construction, adventure, fighting and other factors Sheltered and similar games were slightly bland.
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October 25, 2017
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Sheltered, a post-apocalyptic disaster management and strategy game, gives new meaning to the term “nuclear family”. You have a head start over the billions of dollars lost in a nuclear disaster. Now you must find a way to survive the crushing despair that surrounds you. How you approach the many moral choices that you will be making every day could make the difference between your family’s survival or their tragic end. You have a lot of choices when it comes to resources. Which person will you send out to explore the vast, unforgiving wilderness? Exploration can be a very scary experience. However, you could make some great weapons from the resources that will help you win the battle for your life. You are constantly at risk from attacks by roaming groups and feral beasts.
‘… You may have believed this once, but fighting is now your only chance for survival. Your family’s skills, attributes, and weaknesses will change as you and your family progress. As you strategize, make sure they are well-equipped to win against those who could endanger your family’s existence in close turn-based combat.


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