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Taboo is a party word guessing game, there are many versions of this game, each version has slightly different rules and props. The task of the game is to let teammates guess the target word on the card through the description. Taboo is a team game, usually played by more than four players.
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March 28, 2022
6.0 and up

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Taboo is the mobile party game that brings you fun wherever you go! It’s the most popular party game for mobile!

This is the game Ellen played on her show with Katy Perry. Split into two teams to describe the words on each card, much like Charades with words and not actions. Your team must guess as many as possible before the timer runs out. You can also play video chat and host a party from your phone!


Taboo is a game for adults that can be played with friends. What is the best way to describe APPLE when RED FRUIT, PIE and CIDER are all taboo words? You’ll lose points if you make a mistake with a taboo term. You can have loud and hilarious online chats or face-to-face fun. You can split into two groups or compete in the One Vs. all mode. Talk your way to victory by thinking fast!

– FULLY CUSTOMISABLE. – Determine the number of rounds, players, turns, and skips allowed.
Enjoy a fun, AD-FREE GAMES – No ads to distract you
– COMPLETE STARTTER CARD DECK – Includes cards from the original game
– FULLY TRANSLATED – Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Hindi


To keep your game exciting, you can buy fun themed decks.

– Festive fun (available only for a short time during the winter holidays).
Wild World
– Fun & Games
Food Lovers
– The Midnight Deck (for adults-only fun)

…and two thrilling Mystery Decks!

– IN-GAME VIDEO CHAT – No extra screens or apps required! You can play the game face to face with up to 6 friends wherever you are.
– NEW – One vs. all Mode

In this new model, every player is responsible for their own success!

Play with up 10 friends
– Each person will guess the Clue.
A leaderboard will announce winners

The One vs. all Mode is available in Local Party Mode, and will soon be available online!


You can play with as many friends you want if you are all at the same location.

– Divide into 2 teams
– Use it as a Clue-giver.
– Make sure you and your team are able to see the screen if you’re Clue-giver
– Sit or stand beside the Clue-giver if they use a taboo term.


Make a game
Invite your friends to join you in a game. You can also create an in-app chat with your friends to start a game right from your chat.

Divide into two teams
Divide into two teams, and name your team.

From Team A, a Clue-giver will be assigned
The app will choose clue-givers, and teams A and B take it in turns.

The Clue-giver draws one card.
The Clue-giver must use the word to describe it without using any terms from the card.

Team B stands behind the Buzzer.
If the Clue-giver uses a taboo term, Team B will be energized!

Pay attention to the timer
Your team must correctly guess the words before time runs out.


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