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"The Escapists" mobile version of the game play process and no different from the original PC, is to let a large number of prisoners were released in prison. Of course, the game is also prepared for all kinds of escape means for players to choose ordinary ordinary prison guards naturally Needless to say, players can also like strategy games like recruiting horses to engage in a major event, a vigorous escape from a large battle is also possible.
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March 13, 2020
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You’re the Escapists. But can you survive? The Escapists is an escape game that puts you behind bars and wire fences. Your life has been filled with crime and now you are being held responsible. You must create an escape plan in a world ruled by routine.
You’re all set from roll call to lights out. This game is not for the faint of heart. You must break free. Do you want to take on the challenge or just sit in your cell? You would be able to think for yourself and use your skills to solve the problem. You can’t be held back by walls; you have to get out!

You’ll be under constant surveillance from guards and will need to adjust to prison life. However, you can use strategy and dare to steal useful objects. You can transform seemingly innocent items into useful tools, such as shovels or other weapons that will help you survive in a fight.

Escape requires strategy, cunning, and the right equipment. You can bribe your way up the prison ranks. You might find your fellow prisoners are interested in you and recruit them to form your gang. You may even be able to take over a prison. You might even be able to take over a prison!

The Escapists is an exciting sandbox strategy prison simulator. It challenges you in many ways. You’re determined to get out of prison, but you aren’t sure how. You decide how you live and what you do, but a daily schedule will keep you on track when you are outside your cell. It is expected that you work at least one job during the day. Showers and exercise are also required.


* An addictive prison simulator game. Steal spoons and forks to dig tunnels out of your cell.

* Six themed prisons are available to help you escape from either minimum security jails or large houses such as Alcatraz.

* Trade, steal, and find items to make dozens of crafting combinations that will help you escape.

* The exercise yard is a great way to build strength and can be used for climbing walls.

* Trade swag with other prisoners; you will need duct tape and a screwdriver.

Avoid contraband detectors. The heat meter will rise to 99 percent if you have contraband in your pocket.

* Learn to adapt to the prison life with routines and jobs, and master the six penitentiaries. Three different prisons await your challenge.

You must be determined to survive and improve your speed, strength, and intelligence. There are many ways to escape and break free; you just need to look for them.

The Escapists is just like jail. It’s a difficult game. You must dig a tunnel under the prison walls. You could even steal a uniform from a guard to blend in with your captors. It can be addictive and stressful to escape your first prison. You can commit a few inside offenses. There are many items you can steal, find and smuggle. You can trade or sell some of these contraband items for more useful gear. You can make clever tools and weapons out of them; a soap bar wrapped in a sock makes a sound fistfight.

You can use materials you have borrowed from other inmates to make tools, such as wires, bleach, timber, chocolate bars, plastic combs and more. You can escape if you are smart enough. You can find dozens of things to help you escape from your cell. These include a pickaxe and wire cutters as well as zip lines.

The Escapists strategy prison simulator game is addictive and will challenge you to get out of jail. Be an Escapist, not a prisoner!

It would be a crime to not download The Escapists. If you don’t have an escape plan, you can’t check out and can’t leave.







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