THE GAME OF LIFE 2 is a fun business game with a very novel gameplay. You can find a very free life test in the game. You can feel a very relaxing interactive way in many different places. The most direct Feel the difference in your life, find a very easy way to play, the most direct response to different crises, so that you can find the peak state of life the fastest.
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April 11, 2022
6.0 and up

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The official sequel to The Game of Life, live 1000 lives! Are you a video blogger or a robotics engineer? Now!
Pocket Gamer Awards 2021: “Best Digital Board Game”
Over 1,000,000 Players Played Worldwide

You can customize your peg and get in your eco-car to race friends and family members through The Game of Life 2. This is a modern sequel to The Game of Life. What will you choose with 1000 ways to win and 1,000 ways to live? Earn points to gain wealth, happiness, and knowledge. Become a Pop Star with five dogs, a private pool, a Brain Surgeon with multiple degrees, and three kids!


The Game of Life 2 digital game board game is an award-winning sequel of The Game of Life’s original Hasbro board game.
– A GAME for 4 PLAYERS – Get together with 3 of your favourite people to live the life you want.
– A D-FREE GAME! – Play the entire game without interruptions
-6 TRANSLATIONS: English, French and Spanish; German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
– SINGLE PLAYER: Take on our AI-challenging AI
– ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Make friends with your fans or invite them to play in a private game
– PASS & PLAY – No internet? No problem! No problem!

How to play

CUSTOMISE your character
You can personalize your purple, blue, or newly-available purple pegs with a unique style.

It all starts with a major decision. Which will you choose? College or straight to work? What will your family and friends choose in this classic simulation?

It’s your LIFE PATH
You can get married, have children, adopt pets or both! You can work as a pet sitter, and then you can become a wind turbine technician! You have many options!

Every choice you make earns points! Each choice can increase your wealth, happiness or knowledge so each decision is valid.

RETIRED your way
Live the life you want! You can choose to relax in your luxury home or travel the world and achieve your goals! You can venture on, unlike the board game.

Redeem REWARDS for Unlocking New Items
Play the game to unlock new outfits, vehicles, and pegs. Earn rewards by earning points!

Season Pass

Each new world in Season Pass includes new outfits, jobs and properties.
FAIRYTALE KINGDOM – Become a Fairy Princess or a Knight in shining armour!
HAUNTED HILLS: Trick or treat your way across this spooky adventure and terror land!
FROZENLANDS – Explore a magical land of ice and snow!
AGE OF GIANTS – Live among the dinosaurs, and grow from the Coastal Caves into the first Peg City!
SANDY SHORES – Take a forever vacation and personalize every aspect of your life with the sun.
LUNAR AGE: Launch into orbit and travel to the Advanced Alien Civilisation from the first Moon Base!
SWEET HAVEN – Coming Soon!



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