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The World Ends With You – an unusual drawing role-playing project in which players will get the role of a guy who just woke up in the center of Tokyo with a number of gaps in his memory. He has a few strange and incomprehensible things with him, as well as a brief description of his future aspirations.
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December 14, 2015
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As of Saturday, July 31, 2021, this application will no more be available for 64-bit devices.

Square Enix’s new hit The New York Times has exploded onto Android with an addictive combat system, stunning HD art and plenty of Zetta. It is a great reason for long-time players to double-dip.

You can arm yourself with psychic powers and fight your way through seven days of action called the Reaper’s Game.

Shibuya is a mix of styles and attitudes in the heart Tokyo.

Neku, a boy, wakes up alone in a busy intersection and is unsure how he got there. He then receives a strange text: “Clear the mission…or face elimination.” This sends Neku into a life or death game that forces him to scramble down streets paved by one riddle after the other…

What is the Reaper’s Game? What is Neku’s purpose as a Player? If he survives seven days, will the Game end? There is always another mystery.

With a twist, intuitive combat is addictive and addictive
You can activate your combat abilities or “psychs” with simple touch commands such as tapping, slashing and dragging. You feel so comfortable with this? You can control Neku and your Game partner simultaneously and turn up the intensity of the fighting. Like loot? The revamped Fusion system can boost your item drops during battle.

Deep value
To unlock the hilarious bonus chapter, more quests, items, combat challenges, and secret reports, finish the main story.

Discover a city that is alive and well
Neku’s vast world is inspired by the real-life Shibuya, Tokyo. You can visit real places and experience authentic Japanese culture through a fantasy lens.

Arcade action at its best
Tin Pin Slammer is played with the pins that you have acquired in the main story. You can take on NPCs in the game to be the first one to knock the pins of your opponents off the table.

Art completely redrawn
Enjoy the game in HD on your device. The art and animation have been redrawn to maximize pixel density.

The ultimate soundtrack: 60 songs
The complete soundtrack of Takeharu Ishimoto, a composer who is known for his sonically stunning music, is included in the game.

Trade Friend Cards wirelessly
You can exchange profiles with other players and your avatars will be visible on the streets of Shibuya. You also get free items with every trade

The original The World Ends with You deserves praise:

Gamespot: “Compelling and beautifully presented…from beginning to end”

IGN AU. “Nails just about every thing it tries – and it tries quite a bit”

The New York Times: “Full Of Mysteries and Surprises, Interesting Characters”

“A compelling risk/reward program that…amply blesses those who dare” – 1UP

“Ice-cool artwork…impossible catchy soundtrack” – Eurogamer

G4TV: “Games seldom have things so interesting to say.”

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