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Hi! Thanks for looking at Virtual Town! If you are looking for the features and "bullet points," just scroll down below this little note.
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September 2, 2016
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Note from the developer
Hi! Thank you for visiting Virtual Town. Scroll down to see the little note that explains how you can find the features and “bulletpoints”.

It has been more than two years since Last Day of Work launched a new game! This is the new game. It is a simulation in real time, but it is quite different. We feel more than ever that we have created a new world.

Your device is the world that lives and breathes. As the days pass, moon phases change (just like in real life). Virtual Town turns night when the sun sets at your location. We feel more alive than ever. Seasons change. You can see the changes in relationships. Learn how to manage your town by watching the growth of your adopted child boy or girl.

We hope that the world we created will be as immersive as it is for you. It is important to remember that this world will change and grow just like the real one. It is difficult to put everything you want into these games as a small group. As the months progress, we hope to keep working on Virtual Town, making it richer, deeper, more accurate, more secretive, and more complex.

Join us in the meantime! You’re right on time! Let’s explore Virtual Town together and see what happens. Where did the previous mayor go?

With joy and gratitude
Arthur Humphrey
Last Day of Work for Lead Designer

Virtual Town is an abandoned little town that you can access right from your smartphone! Help them out! ).

* Manage a live, breathing community.

* Real-time “real-time” As your day ends, watch it change from day to night!

* Meet engaging, quirky residents. Make friends! Make friends!

* Collect dozens rare insects, gems, or botanical species. The town Museum should be restored.

* Dynamic weather, seasons and moon phases. You can watch their world change like yours!

• Decorate and build your crib. It should be amazing. It should be filled with things.

* Adopt a child in need to raise as yours. You can train her to assist you so she can take over as your Mayor when you retire.

* Discover the secrets of Virtual Town. Where was the original mayor? What made him leave?

Fans of our other games (Virtual Villagers and Virtual Families), as well as fans of simulation games, were highly recommended!

You can also check out our other hits games! Bye!



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