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Zombie Objective / Zombie goal – you will fight against zombies, which captivated the whole city. You are a member of an elite military unit and all the hope is only on you. In this shooter you will be armed with guns and melee weapons with modern technology and armor.
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September 17, 2021
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The war against the zombies has begun. Zombie Objective is an important military operation that secures a city infested with zombies. You will be part of an elite military unit that will kill all zombies and secure the city. You will be responsible for protecting assets, providing sniper support, gathering supplies, and hunting down and killing zombies.
This thrilling zombie shooter will have you armed with weapons and melee weapons, tech and armor to help you fight the city’s hordes. You will need to have the best tactical and military skills in order to defeat the zombies in seven different environments.

You can customize your weapons and equipment to suit any style. You can hunt the dead as a heavy-machine gunner, a stealthy zombie sniper or a super-fast Ninja, a machete zombie hunter or a samurai fighter.

This is the game you should play if you’re tired of shooting at zombies from a single location. Zombie Objective (FPS) is a first-person shooter that allows you to move freely.

* Seven locations featuring stunning 3D graphics. Each map is unique and requires different tactics. You can choose between simple, difficult, or deadly missions.
* 7 Gameplay Modes: Survival, Attack and Defend; Gather, Protect; Survival; Protect; Protect.
* 12+ Zombie Types – Shufflers and Fast Movers, Spitters. Vicious Dogs. Rage Zombies. Armored Zombies. Mutant Zombies. Exploding Zombies. Bosses.
* Twenty-one futuristic and modern guns: Shotguns, small guns, sniper rifles and shotguns.
* Melee Weapons: Machete, hunting knife, machete and a Crowbar.
* Shoes and armor protect you from the zombies and allow you to complete your missions without being beaten up.
* Powerful equipment, Boosters: Grenades and landmines, holograms and slow motion devices, power-ups, medkits and power-ups.
* Controls include Autofire for casual gamers and manual shooting for FPS gamers. For quick response, use the 180-degree turn button. The entire movement can be controlled by a virtual analog stick.

LANGUAGES: English, hangugeo, Russkii, Ri Ben Yu , Zhong Wen Fan Ti , Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, aithy, Portugues, Francais, Italiano, Filipino, Espanol.

NOTE: Zombie Objective requires 160 MB RAM for lag-free operation.



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